Why have Fans Turned On Game of Thrones?

Fans have turned on Game of Thrones and I don't get why

Game of Thrones is arguably the most popular television series of all time. Never have I seen this level of fandom for a show that stretched across all age groups. The show may have originally been targeted for a certain demographic (nerds like myself) but it quickly captured the imagination of all types of people all over the world. People who normally would not tune into a fantasy show were not only watching but also scouring YouTube and social media to read all the predictions and theories of what was to come.

Which brings me to my next point on the popularity of GOT. There are tons of YouTube channels that have all types of theories, predictions, and history of the mythos of George R.R. Martins epic series. Literally, everyone had an opinion, prediction, and theory of what would happen. Who would win the Iron Throne? Who would kill Cersei? Who was the Night King? And of course the most popular one, Who is Jon Snow's parents? Which we saw come to pass.

We waited two years for the final season to have all our questions answered and to see what theories would come true. Now that it's finally here and we have one episode left, the fans are pissed and have turned on the show. One question...Why?

All of sudden the fans seem to think that the writers have lost it and the final season could be the worst one as they feel the story has been rushed. So my answer to why has this happened is simple. The fans are not getting what they wanted. All of the predictions did not come to pass. There were no extra dragons hiding somewhere waiting to save the day. Arya or Jaime did not kill Cersei. Jaime and Brienne will not live happily ever after. And Dany is clearly not the hero people wanted her to be.

But who cares. That's the story. Your opinion is your own and I respect that but here's mine. Maybe I can help you see it another way. To all those saying that Dany all of sudden has turned crazy clearly have not been watching. First of all, she comes from a line of insane people with the exception of her brother Rhaegar. Fans have seemed to forget that the now Mad Queen has been threatening to rule Westeros in Fire and Bood since season two. She has always threatened to burn cities to the ground who did not accept her. She burned Sam's father and brother alive when they refused to bend the knee. Everyone's supposed hero did this these things for her own power and reign.

The minute she arrived in Winterfell she felt that nobody respected her. Which is why she told Jon in so many words that Sansa better watch it because Sansa refused to acknowledge her as Queen. When Jon told her the truth about his identity her response was " That would make you rightful Heir to the Iron Throne". Thus now feeling that she is losing everything she killed so many to gain since season two. Yes, she liberated slaves and promised a proper rule which made her likable. But the constant questioning of her decisions and wants put her into a state of paranoia. Couple that with all the love being displayed to Jon and not to her and you have a powder keg ready to explode.

The light to the fuse came in the form of two dragons being killed and her best friend being decapitated. What made it explode is the fact that she threatened Jon not to tell anyone about his identity. Why? Because she felt she would lose claim to the throne. No other reason than that. What happened? Jon told Sansa who told Tyrion who told Varys who seemingly wrote letters to be spread across Westeros telling everyone. Thus threatening her rule which is why she killed Varys.

Seems like a logical story arc to me. It's not a mental illness like some people are saying is a lazy excuse. Even her father wasn't mentally ill. Well maybe he was crazy but he ruled with fear. Dany's story is the story of human being feeling like she's losing power and doing whatever she feels is necessary to keep it. Typical human behavior.

So why did Dany burn Kings Landing to the ground and kill all those innocent people? That's what everyone wants to know. Simple answer. She even said it herself to Jon. "Let it be fear". She wanted love. From everyone in the North but especially from Jon. The people of the North did not want to give it to her and Jon seemed to feel uncomfortable knowing they are related. Now she feels that there is no loyalty. To be honest, what better way is there to assert yourself than to do exactly what Dany did? Burning the entire city down just showed everyone that the Dragon Queen is not to be messed with. She rules whether they like it or not.

Through seven seasons Dany was positioned to be a hero of the story. In ninety minutes we saw who she truly is. The single worst villain that GOT has ever seen.

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