'What We Do in the Shadows' episode: 'Citizenship'

What We Do in the Shadows

No endless amount of cameos during this What We Do in the Shadows (the events of the last episode aren’t really even mentioned), but still plenty of vampire mischief nonetheless.

The new episode of What We Do in the Shadows, titled “Citizenship,” reunites us with Beanie Feldstein for the first time since “Manhattan Night Club.”

Jenna, you see, is now fully turning into a vampire. She doesn’t exactly know what’s happening, at first — there are a few great gags where, much to her roommate’s horror, she’s hovering above her bed in her college dorm room while making some awful hissing noises — but manages to figure it out eventually.

Nadja feels only a tiny bit bad about the whole thing — not the turning her into a vampire bit, but the fact that she hasn’t been there to offer any help in the actual transition up until this point.

What We Do in the Shadows
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So, she takes her under her wing, brings her back to the mansion (the look on Guillermo’s face when he realizes that Jenna is a vampire now and he still isn’t) and tries to train her.

It takes Jenna a while to get the hang of it, too. After first voicing some concerns about having to kill humans, Jenna is pretty distraught when she can’t do any cool vampire things like run up walls or turn into a bat very well.

There’s also this really funny bit that I have to mention, even though it really doesn’t have anything to do with the plot. Lazlo walks into a room, sees Jenna sitting in a corner, points and her and loudly proclaims, “She should be in a cage!” Jenna runs off crying, while Lazlo turns and mutters a soft “damn” while giving the camera a look that’s all but perfect.

To try and lighten Jenna’s spirits, Nadja brings her to a frat-boy party and tells her to snack on anyone she chooses. Once again, things go poorly at first as Jenna quickly gets angry that nobody seems to notice her, only for her to realize that her special vampire power is, quite literally, invisibility.

That’s all Jenna needs to finds her confidence as she picks a target, drags him outside and begins sucking his blood. The two spend the final minutes of the evening together on top of the roof, watching the sunrise while wearing motorcycle helmets (“It works in Blade! That means it’ll work for us!” Jenna declares), only for it not actually work in the slightest, then forcing them to get inside as quickly as possible.

What We Do in the Shadows
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This episode of What We Do in the Shadows is still called “Citizenship,” though, and that’s where Nandor comes into play.

Like Jenna, Nandor is also bummed out — not because he’s turning into a vampire, but because a Google search informs him that the European country he once ruled over has technically been dissolved for the past 400 years.

With Nandor feeling like he let his people down (never mind the fact that they exiled him and all) and that he has no home, Guillermo figures the way to cheer him up will be to give his master a new home — America.

While he’s been living in America for however many years now, Nandor technically doesn’t have proper citizenship. That citizenship, however, requires a test on American history and customs before it’s granted, and that goes about how well you might think it does.

What We Do in the Shadows
credit: YouTube

After managing to get every single question on the test hopelessly wrong, Nandor walks out in a worse mood than ever.

Guillermo isn’t having it, though. Whether it was seeing Jenna earlier or the fact that he’s repeatedly saving Nandor from ancient cults, animal control or what have you, Guillermo figures that being a vampire is about as good as it gets and that there’s no reason to cry over not *technically* having a home country anymore.

And while Guillermo’s rage might have been angrily pointed at his master, Nandor doesn’t pick up on that and instead realizes that Guillermo is right and he has no real reason to be mad. Now, once again, Guillermo feels like he got the short end of the stick while Nandor flies home to celebrate.

Tune in to FX to catch the newest episode of What We Do in the Shadows tonight, and check out some of our other What We Do in the Shadows recaps by clicking here!

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