'What We Do in the Shadows' episode: 'Animal Control'

What We Do in the Shadows

Bad news: we’re halfway through this season of What We Do in the Shadows already. Time flies, doesn’t it? Good news: I have literally no evidence whatsoever to back this up, but I’m feeling there’s a good chance it gets picked up for a second season — if they’re able to maintain this level of quality, that is.

After running amok in Manhattan during the previous episode, What We Do in the Shadows returns back to Staten Island in order to have our four favorite vampires deal with an enemy a little closer to home — animal control.

Lazlo and Nadja are looking for ways to spice up their love life when Lazlo promptly suggests that Nadja watch him fly into the neighbor’s window as a bat, transform into a human and suck the blood out of every living soul within the premises (never change What We Do in the Shadows, never change).

He attempts to do just that, only the be blind sighted by someone holding a broom — a broom he's repeatedly beaten with and eventually knocked unconscious by.

What We Do in the Shadows
credit: YouTube

Thinking he’ll find his own way out of this, Nadja peaces out to find Gregor, er, Jeff (Jake McDorman) — the guy who Nadja thinks is her reincarnated lover that we haven’t seen since the What We Do in the Shadows pilot episode.

Jeff still has no idea who this Gregor guy is but, given that he’s pretty lonely at all, doesn’t reject Nadja’s company. He shows her around the parking garage where he works and takes her to the carnival, repeatedly proving that he’s just some miserable loser who is most certainly not this heroic warrior his new love interest believes him to be.

For a while, Nadja insists that he’s just not remembering. However, after watching him repeatedly fail at the archery game in the carnival again and again, she finally gives in and admits that Jeff is a real snooze.

Lazlo, meanwhile, is still unconscious and been taken away by animal control. After being brought to the headquarters and locked in a cage with a number of other runaway pets, that leaves only our remaining three heroes — Nandor, Guillermo and Collin — to save him.

After some funny bits where Nandor and Collin repeatedly request the animal control people invite them inside the building, which is then followed by a fight between the two vampires over who’s better at hypnotism, Nandor splits off to find out where Lazlo might be kept.

What We Do in the Shadows
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He finds his way into the room with all the animals eventually (was anyone else hoping for one of the guys from the What We Do in the Shadows werewolves episode to cameo in there, or was that just me?), picks up the first bat he sees and gets out of there.

The three of them decide to free Lazlo when they’re walking home, only to discover that the creature they rescued wasn’t really Lazlo and is just a real, actual bat instead — a real, actual bat who attacks Guillermo and likely gives him rabies.

They head back with a new plan. This time, Nandor is going to transform into a dog (which is a power he has I guess?) so he can gain entry to Lazlo’s room again. What he didn’t account for, though, is that this dog he transforms into would also be locked in a cage. Now they’re both stuck.

With Colin getting distracted by sucking the energy out of the animal control employees, Guillermo has no other choice to call Nadja.

What We Do in the Shadows
credit: YouTube

Things have picked up for her with Gregor, too. After refusing to deal with Jeff’s boring antics anymore, she cast a spell on him that makes him remember everything. Suddenly, the warrior she remembers and loves is back and ready to get it on — which is precisely when the phone call comes in.

Knowing she can’t abandon her husband, Nadja leaves Gregor (who we later see is arrested by the police) and heads over the animal control. She quickly hypnotizes the employees, frees Nandor and Lazlo from the cages and heads back home.

Girl power, am I right?

This episode of What We Do in the Shadows then ends with victory as the three vampires settle in for the night — er, morning — prompts and safely.

Tune in to FX tonight to catch the newest episode of What We Do in the Shadows, and check out some of our other What We Do in the Shadows recaps by clicking here!

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