Sundogs: Seattle-based band's latest album 'Legends In Their Own Minds' is filled with a retro-inspired warm vintage vibe


The Sundogs are a Seattle-based band that comprises of Stan Snow and Jed Moffitt.  Legend In Their Own Minds is their second video album and includes all original music by Snow and Moffitt.  The record is both presented in audio and visual form with video footage shot in the studio using a green screen.  The indie rockers will be releasing the videos one at a time in the weeks and months ahead.  Musically, the Sundogs’ sound encompasses a range of blues, jazz, and pop rock of the late 70s and 80s.

About their sound, the musicians state: “Sundogs music is inspired by the days of Classic Rock and Jazz Fusion.  It is written to satisfy the music fan within.  If it sounds good to us, and we like listening to it over and over again, then that is the driving force behind whatever we decide to release.  We are doing it for the pure joy of it, and because of that, the music and the videos are authentic.”

A lot of the songs on Legends In Their Own Minds have a sun-grazed, bright and uplifting cadence.  For example, on “Fallen Hero” a sunny and catchy energized appeal, drenched in a sun-soaked feel gives off a great indie rock and jazz fusion approach, on “Castle,” which contains a bright cadence to which big bustling guitars create a range of sound, a radioactive guitar solo sends off on this track, and on “End Of The World,” which resounds with a retro-inspired vibe, harkening to a 50s-era appeal, is filled with sun-soaked energy.

Some of these tracks contain a cool jazz flair, bursting with a chill, lounge vibe:  on “Snowman,” radioactive and reverb-filled guitar riffs rev up the beginning of this song as a simmering jazz cadence fills the cool and chill vibe, on “Did It Really Happen” that has a real invigorating jazz vibe as horns give an added punch to the song, and on “End Of The World” that has a retro inspired vibe filled with a real cool jazzy flair along with a blues-drenched feel.

Traces of the blues add a soulful punch to many of these tracks.  This is evident on “Johnny” that pervades with an up-key blues appeal as bouncy piano keys add an arrayed arrangement to the song and on “End Of The World” that has a real chill jazzy appeal along with a blues-driven approach.

Each track on this album is unique.  The Sundogs show they are versatile artists with genre-bending altitudes, willing to go the extra mile to bring to audiences a sound that is all their own.

Influenced by the greats, the Sundogs hone a retro-inspired warm vintage vibe that recalls a 70s and 80s-influenced sound with their signature of jazz fusion blended in with a classic rock feel.  The Sundogs fuses melodious arrangements with creative lyrics and a capacity to sing about anything under the sun.  Legends In Their Own Minds is a work of art filled with imaginings from bringing back the world of chivalry on “Castle” to awakening from the terrors of a monster on “Snowman,” and to keeping your head up on “Hope.”

With a fully charged electric sound, the Sundogs has in their arsenal melodious guitars, energized keys, up-tempo drums, and a pulsating rhythms-based bass.  This is rock ‘n’ roll at its best.  An evocative listen.

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