Rumbelo elevates with invigorating indie and Alt single "Killing Time"


Rumbelo is an exciting, eclectic musical project that harnesses sound, groove, and feel all in one meaningful jumble.

At the helm of Rumbelo is Northeast Alabama songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Skylor Brumbeloe.  He draws his influences from a wide spectrum of music from The Beatles, Bill Withers, Chet Faker, Matt Corby, Bob Dylan, Glass Animals, Emily King, Charles Bradley, James Vincent McMorrow, Kadhja Bonet, John Mark McMillan, Jimi Hendrix, Khalid, and much more.

Brumbeloe grew up in a small Alabama town, where he first took up the piano at the age of five.  He then started to pick up the guitar in his teen years.  From then on, Brumbeloe has been honing his songcraft and production skills ever since.  He has set up various home studios over the past ten years, where he continues to record and produce music, while also going on to perform at many live shows.

Always on the lookout for more interesting and exciting music to listen to, Brumbeloe has developed over the years a strong musical palette from which he draws from in order to create his own unique sound.  Like most songwriters, Brumbeloe mimics his heroes before ultimately finding a voice he could call his own.

It certainly seems like with his latest release, “Killing Time,” Rumbelo has developed a voice and sound that is all his.

On the brand new single, layered electronic beats pave this mellow track filled with a laidback feel.  Soaring synths go on to make a pronounced feel on this song as ambient electronic beats pave the way for a R&B feel.  With airy vibes on this single, a real smooth and soothing appeal pervades.  An epic guitar solo lights up this track mid-way with vocals that really reverberate with soul.  Background vocals provide a funky groove as electric guitars rev together to produce a wall of sound.

Brumebeloe really goes on to showcase a unique musical style with “Killing Time.”  With soulful lyrics and remarkable melodies, Brumebeloe has managed to truly produce a memorable piece of work.

“Killing Time” stands out for its polished cadence.  Melodious and soulful at the same time, Rumbelo is a musical project to look out for if you want to find some striking indie and Alt vibes to listen to.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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