RANKED: All of the 'Child's Play' movies to date

Child's Play
credit: YouTube

Make peace with your childhood toys now because Chucky is back, folks.

This June, we’re getting a reboot of Child’s Play from director Lars Klevberg and writer Tyler Burton Smith, with Mark Hamill providing the voice of the killer doll we all know, love and fear.

Prior to this new incarnation of Child’s Play, there have been a total of seven movies in the franchise originally created by Don Mancini — most of which are good, great or downright hilarious.

As we all anxiously await to see what new direction they’re going to take Child’s Play in (I’m getting a Stranger Things or It vibe meets Annabelle from the trailers, and I don’t know how to feel about that), we thought we’d revisit everything that came before it.

Here are our rankings on all of the Child’s Play movies to date.

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