Nimo & The Light's 'Don't Feed The Pigeons' is a great album to get to know

Nimo & The Light

With a name inspired by the classic novel, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea:  A Tour of the Underwater World by French science fiction writer Jules Verne, Nimo & The Light are surfacing from the ocean-y depths to give you a brand new album of delectable taste.

Their latest album, entitled, Don’t Feed The Pigeons is an elegant and graceful album that recollects all the sounds from the greats such as Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Radiohead and Depeche Mode.

Get lost in the lofty vibes of Nimo & The Light.  Melodious guitars arises with swaths of electric melodies on “Stains” that has a nice flow to the cadence as well as a mellow vibe and laidback feel, on “Morpheus” that has some blaring synths that flare on towards the beginning of the track along with electrifying cadences coming from the guitars, bass, drums, and percussions, on “Skin To Skin” with vocals that are touched with auto tunes and reverb along with guitars that undulate with out of control revving feedback, on “Form A Light” that has some funky synths that fill the start of this track as well as groovy guitars accompanying the vocals and drums, bass, and percussions, and on “Don’t You Fight It” where a wall of reverberating guitars pervade on this song that has a rougher and darker vibe.

Don’t Feed The Pigeons pulsates with a keen sound embedded by a truly mesmerizing feel.  The band establishes a dreamy overcast haunting tone glazed with gauze and gossamer melodies on the album.  This is prevalent on “Stains” that has a busy sound that erupts towards the beginning.  This clears up to some melodious guitars that pave this track that gives off a relaxed and soothing feel.  On “Skin To Skin,” the cadence sounds cavernous and reverb-filled giving off a mellow and relaxed feel.  On “Wish Upon A Star,” where a stripped down feel is evoked as well as a haunting and romantic vibe on this dynamic ballad.  On “Naked Soul,” where reverb-filled vocals spin a lovely gauzy cadence that is deep and romantic.  On “Down Below,” where a layer of dissonance pervades with drums and keys coalescing together on an off-centered beat and where the vocals are touched with reverb that evokes a dreamy wash of haunting melodies.

This is moving music with rich layers of melody-driven soundscapes, reverberating guitars, and an atmospheric vibe.  The music has an over-arching ambient feel with a sound that is soaring and relaxing and soothing all at the same time.  This is evident on “Stains” where rich and melodious guitars give off a mellow and soothing vibe, on “Morpheus” where the melody is contagious and catchy and a smattering of piano keys makes its way through the music, on “Skin To Skin” where the vocals are reverb-filled and the guitars blasts a revving feedback, on “Naked Soul” where reverberating vocals spin a lovely gauzy sound, on “Keeping ‘Em Honest” where the synths add a soaring feel to the music, and on “Down Below” where the vocals evoke a dreamy and haunting quality.

Nimo & The Light makes absolutely lovely music filled with lush backdrops and incandescent guitars with a luminescent sound that will make your heart sing.

Traverse through these soundscapes, a terrain abundant with a mellow and laidback, rapturous feel that is something great to relax to and kick back with.

Nimo & The Light’s sound is refreshing like sonorous arrays of light.  The band is able to connect with listeners on a deep level like souls meeting souls.  With a penchant for emphasizing glowing melodies with a touch of romance, Nimo & The Light, like their moniker, are purveyors of all things light.  With a radiant sound, it is no wonder that the band is breaking free from the local scene and is setting their sights onto the national and even international arenas.

These are classy examples of rock music done right.

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