Natalie Taylor: Indie rock/pop singer-songwriter's cover of "Winter Song" will be sure to resonate with listeners

Natalie Taylor

Hailing from just outside Birmingham, Alabama, indie rock/pop singer-songwriter Natalie Taylor draws from a wealth of influences from Americana legend, Patty Griffin, to classic country artist, Dixie Chicks and Jo Dee Messina.  However, her “vocal training” as she calls it, is inspired by 90’s R&B icons like Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, and Destiny’s Child.

Known for executing expansive soundscapes with huge hooks and impressive vocal abilities, Taylor is recognized for her penchant to color outside of the box.  Taylor doesn’t pay attention to genre and this has led her to add to her growing catalogue an eclectic range of music.

Taylor’s music is also featured in shows including The CW’s “Jane The Virgin” and “Beauty and the Beast,” NBC’s “World Of Dance,” MTV’s “Finding Carter,” “Scream” and “Catfish,” CBS “Criminal Minds,” and by major brands including Bare Minerals and Xbox.  Encapsulating the world of film and TV with her soundscapes, a feat that is virtually unheard of from an independent songwriter, Taylor shows she has the chops for even bigger things in 2019.

The trailblazing artist oscillates from simple and inspiring acoustic melodies to one with more ostentatious power, but one exception remains true – the power and mystery of each of Taylor’s songs remains.

On Taylor’s brand new single, “Winter Song (ft. General Ghost),” reverberating guitar riffs fill the beginning of the song.  Next, the sound of percussions energized this track.  Taylor’s vocals are warm and soulful in contrast to the bare and stark subject matter.  In this manner, polar opposites attract.

A piano melody courses through this song.  The single has a stripped down air.  This is a really dynamic duet with a great R&B sound.  Taylor and General Ghost’s vocals are filled with heartache and longing on this heartfelt track.  The song is brimming with emotional power.

The stripped down air to the song reaches into the bare bones of this acoustic arrangement.

Bearing a heartfelt appeal coming from the warm vocals of Natalie Taylor and General Ghost, what we get is a song stripped of all airs of pretension, pervading with great effusiveness and authenticity.

“Winter Song” is a dynamic indie pop/rock cover from the Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson's 2008 hit.  Taylor's interpretation has notes of R&B and folk in it that does not disappoint.  Simple yet beautiful, this soothing track will be sure to resonate with listeners.

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