Lord Sonny the Unifier's latest album 'FINAL NOTICE!' is pure rock bliss

Lord Sonny the Unifier

Visionary rock outfit Lord Sonny the Unifier pay homage to their heroes while also brandishing their stamp of psychedelic rock with space-age features.  On their latest album, entitled, FINAL NOTICE! the rockers throw themselves into their powerful anthems laced with intergalactic themes.  Lord Sonny the Unifier has made out of this stratosphere music with this other worldly maneuver.

Their album release notes states:  “The title, FINAL NOTICE! is the bright orange letters we get in the mail after the many previous warnings.  This warning is it, one last chance before they come and take away whatever it is you have left.  They’ve sent the first few letters of notice, payment due, and this is your final notice.  Pay up now, one last chance before they knock on your door and kick it down and start confiscating whatever you got.  Sometimes it seems like we’re at the Final Notice stage.  Better realize who’s creating his havoc, how to recognize them, why are they doing it, and what to do about them.”

LSTU infiltrates the homes that receives these final notices in the mail and makes up a reality for these people where rebellion and love for justice manifests itself.  In the face of conflict, there is always hope burning.  The album is a beacon of hope, a tapestry of love for self-awareness and our environments.  As our inner self develops, so does the stirrings of inspiration and creativity.

FINAL NOTICE! is a tribute to 60s and 70s classic rock music.  Building up to a raw psychedelic sound, fuzzy guitars gear up on “Right In Your I,” where a big jamming rock cadence stems from a raw psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll appeal that makes you want to dig your heels and get up and dance, on “The Starman,” where Gregory Jiritano, the frontman, sings in a low haughty whisper as psychedelic guitars reverberate on this track, on “First In Space” that has huge and grandiose flourishes that recalls a Muse sound, on “All The Signs” that is an electric rock ballad with a slower-striding cadence, and on “The All New Knownothings,” where raging guitars cover the forecast of this song as spacy synths oscillate in and out of this track.

A lot of these songs are operatic – epic and sweeping in the sense that the performances by Jiritano has etches of grandiose theatrics.  Operating under such flourishes, the lead singer certainly knows how to carry himself well as an entertainer.  Demonstrating a great eye for detail with vocals that change from a snarl to a purr in a speed of a second, he embellishes with his shining showmanship, theatrics that make the songs even more stirring.  This is evident on such tracks like “Starman” where psychedelic guitars add in a spacy and intergalactic vibe along with oscillating synths and warbling beats, on “Till We Change Things,” where a giant sound comes forth from the wall of revving guitars giving this relative mellow ballad a more energized pulse, on “First In Space” where a psychedelic and groovy sound pervades from this operatic song, and on “March Forth,” where distorted synths add in an air of discord towards the beginning of this track as a symphony makes this track more operatic.

An intergalactic vibe on the synths create an other-worldly feel.  LSTU pools together an enigmatic sense with mysterious star-gazing lyrics with a strong sense of all things space-age on FINAL NOTICE!  Lord Sonny the Unifier has made their interests transmutable with their contagious vibe and on such songs where the subject matter is unavoidable, we get a hearty filling of slow-burning psychedelic guitar flairs, dancing drum snarls, and rhythms-born bass along with the deadly pounce of space-inspired synths.  For example, on “The Starman,” which is an retro 70’s-inspired rock song, Jiritano sings in a low throaty whisper as spacy oscillating synths and warbling beats pave this track, on “Satellite Eye” an aerial space craft sound oscillates throughout the song as reverb-filled vocals give off a layer of dissonance to the ethereal vibe, and on “First In Space” that exudes a groovy and psychedelic cadence as a spiraling guitar solo ignites this track.

Lord Sonny the Unifier are hard rockers, who are steadfast innovators when it comes to psychedelic rock, but this doesn’t diminish them from the poetic nature of the record.  FINAL NOTICE! stems from a message that readies those who receive it for change, whether it be inner change or environmental – the album asks us to search within ourselves to be the instigators of this change.

FINAL NOTICE! asks us to rise to the occasion.  To lead the pack.  Lord Sonny the Unifier has ignited a revolution with their music!

What’s more LSTU’s music is a revelation.  The vintage rock band marches to the beat of their own drum, defying genres with their rock fest grooves.

Comprised of Greg Jiritano (vocals, guitar), Tyler Wood (keyboards, percussion, and backing vocals), Derek Nievergelt (bass), Carmine Covelli (drums, percussion, and backing vocals), and Amy Gordon (backing vocals), Lord Sonny the Unifier is an unforgettable unit and what’s more their retro-inspired sound is something to relish in.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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