Kevin West dives into a jazz-fused sound with rock and Americana notes on latest EP release 'Story Of My Life'

Kevin West

Kevin West is an award-winning singer-songwriter and guitar player currently based in LA.  He incorporates in his wide range of sound a multitude of genres that include Blues, Hard Rock, Metal, and Hip Hop.  West has studied Jazz at the College of Charleston, South Carolina and is a recent graduate from Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, graduating in March 2019 with honors.

Story Of My Life is West’s most recent endeavor.  His prior records all encompass a charisma and ease in front of the mic that elicits his heart on the sleeve performance style and songwriting abilities.  His latest EP is no different.  With five albums under his belt, West shows that he is always on the brink of innovation.  It is clear with every album as well as with every performance, West is always growing, as an artist and as a person.

Story Of My Life opens up with “Best Of Mine,” which is a moving rock ‘n’ roll track with a classic vibe.  It is energized and amped with a charged feel as well as having a revving Americana vibe with a jazzy flair.  With a happening bouncy appeal, the fast-paced drums add an energized feel.  Accompanied by guitars, bass, and percussions, the country-twang vibe is invigorating.  The jaunty beat will jolt you to attention as well as the bouncy revving beats.

“One Too Many” is filled with a bluesy Americana feel.  The vocals are rough and raspy.  About having one too many drinks and waking up regretting last night and not wanting to make this night a repeat of the last, peppered into the energetic bluesy feel is a real country-twang appeal.

“My Only Sunshine” has a nice jazz cadence and a sizzling energy on the percussions.  This song also pervades with a country-blues driven vibe.  The drums are up-tempo, giving this catchy Americana sound an upbeat and sunny sound.

“Sweet Innocence” has some guitar twangs towards the beginning of this track.  This is a piano-led song that has a sweet acoustic-based cadence.  A slower-striding ballad that gives off a soothing and relaxing vibe.

The title-track starts off on a jazzy note with the flare of horns jumpstarting this song.  The track has a slow-grooving sound with a nice flow to it.

“Not For Nothin’” contains a jazz-fused energy and invigorating feel.  This song is extremely catchy and upbeat with a fun-loving jiving cadence.  A purely instrumental track, the musicians on this song jam heavily together, diving into a lively jazz sound on the electric guitar, bass, drums, and percussions.  A jazzy horn solo showcases itself on the track, exhibiting a sizzling energy.

These are warm tracks written with a hint of humor.

West wears his heart on his sleeve on these tracks that evoke a deep sense of comfort and effusiveness.

According to the artist:  “My songs are about my real life experiences and I think that gives it an honest quality people can relate to.  The level of musicianship on THIS project is the best I have achieved so far in this long life of music I have been living.”

Story of My life marks West’s 5th studio album since 2001.


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