Joel Drzycimski: Electronic artist produces short but sweet intoxicating single "Mellotron Jam"

Joel Drzycimski

Joel Drzycimski is a freelance audio producer who hails from Mason City, IA.  Immersed in the music scene there, Drzycimski is just a few hours away from Minneapolis, Kansas City, Omaha, and other major cities.  His studio is nestled in the back of his apartment in the midst of a quiet and rural neighborhood.

Drzycimski graduated from the University of Northwestern – St. Paul in 2017 with a degree in Electronic Media Communication with an emphasis in Recording Arts.  During his time at UNWSP, Drzycimski gained some valuable experience working in the Audio Visual Services Department, Remnant Studio Radio Station, and as a contract Audio Engineer at Calvary Church at Roseville, MN.

To complement his live work, Drzycimski also has extensive studio experience.  At University of Northwestern, Drzycimski produced a 13-track record for his band Cureton as his senior project.  He also produced several songs for The Contemporary Music Center, where he studied at during his last semester at UNWSP for artists like Jonah Krull and Alyssa Marie Stevens.  Drzycimski also divides his time playing several instruments on multiple projects.

One such track that exemplifies Drzycimski’s studio experience is his latest single, entitled, “Mellotron Jam.”  Like the name elicits this is a mellow sounding song that reverberates with off-centered keys that give off an air of dissonance.  A relatively short track that lasts only 0:45 seconds, it is just long enough to showcase Drzycimski’s skills as a producer.

The single manages to encompass a lot of emotion and power while also giving off a straight up laidback appeal.  The song really resonates with melodious and bouncy electronic beats.  What pervades is a beatific melody with a layered cadence.

Joel Drzycimski delivers a solid piece of work with “Mellotron Jam.”  Although a relatively short number, the single manages to encompass so much.  Brimming with memorable melodies and electronic embellishments that come off as an extremely polished and thrilling concoction, Drzycimski shows us that the brand new artist is up for some great things.  Stay tuned for in the next few months for more exciting new things from the burgeoning artist.

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