Calvert: NYC pop artist hits all the right notes on EP 'This Beautiful Life, Vol 1'


Calvert is an independent recording artist from New York City.  The pop/dance champion and acclaimed performer is releasing his debut album, This Beautiful Life, Vol 1 that is currently out now.  Calvert enlists the help of Jonathan Mendelsohn (producer, writer), James Ray (arranger, orchestrator, producer), Alex Psaroudakis (mastering) and Pablo St. Martin (mixing) on the making of this record.  Calvert’s first music video from the EP, “Please With A Cherry” has gained 324k views on Twitter with a follow-up video for “This Beautiful Life” currently on the rise.  Both were directed by Brad Hammer Productions (RuPaul’s Drag Race/World of Wow).

The EP opens up with “Please With A Cherry” that is an energized pop song with extremely catchy and upbeat overtones.  Gripping as well as attention-grabbing, there is a lot of punch and showmanship exhibited from Calvert.  This is an exciting pop song as Calvert sings with gusto and pizzazz.  The track contains a contagious and energized flair.

On “Heartbeat,” some ambient synths reverberate in the background as a piano melody courses throughout the track towards the beginning as Calvert’s vocals come in.  A rhythms-heavy electronic beat fills this song.  This is a slower-sauntering song with a slow-burning effect.  A dynamic ballad, the track contains a whole lot of drama underlined with a strong sense of urgency.

On “Move On (ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn),” some bouncy electronic beats buoy this track.  Here, Calvert sings in a falsetto, as this song casts a soaring and atmospheric vibe.

On “Wanna Be,” the soaring ballad is filled with a beatific piano melody.  Atmospheric and ambient, lush strings make this track pop with appeal.  This is a dramatic ballad with a rush of immediacy.

The title-track contains a soaring and ethereal sound and an atmospheric and ambient vibe.  A demanding drumming beat eventually sidles in on this dreamy song.  An emotional and powerful track, a powerful piano melody courses through this song.  Some elegant strings also pave this uplifting track filled with positive vibes.

Brimming with infectious pop melodies, Calvert sings with gusto and pizzazz on this record.  Calvert, who has a long list of theater credits under his belt, exhibits great showmanship on This Beautiful Life, Vol 1.

On his debut EP, Calvert showcases himself as a passionate artist who hits all the right notes.  Calvert proves he is a versatile artist with a powerful vocal range and exhibiting a wealth of artistic merit on This Beautiful Life, Vol 1. 

The NYC artist has released an effective record with energized ballads and powerful anthems.

This is a bubbly album filled with infectious melodies and a smoldering contagious vibe.  Something great to dance and sing along to, fans of Gavin Degraw and Shawn Mendes will be putting this energized record on repeat.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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