Bipolarism: 14 celebrated people who have lived with the condition

11. Vivien Leigh

The famous actress who starred in Gone with the Wind struggled with bipolarism in a different day and age. Her treatment in the twentieth century involved shock therapy. Still, Leigh won two Oscars for Gone with the Wind and A Streetcar Named Desire.

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12. Frank Sinatra

One of the most widely successful and revered performers of the twentieth century, Sinatra dealt with his bipolar condition behind the scenes.


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13. Catherine Zeta-Jones

The Academy Award-winning actress for her supporting role in Chicago was diagnosed with tongue cancer in 2000 that led to a bout with manic depression and bipolarism.



14. Winston Churchill

The Prime Minister of Britain during World War II, Churchill rallied the country together during the war. In his personal life, Churchill was famously bipolar and struggled with bouts of depression but was able to live until the age of 90 and win the Nobel Prize in Literature.

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