Andy The Crocodile's latest EP release 'Scars & Wounds' is filled with catchy melodies and rich harmonies

Andy The Crocodile

Indian singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Andy The Crocodile is releasing his latest EP release, entitled, Scars & Wounds, a testament to 40s jazz, 70s rock ‘n’ roll, and indie folk.  Born Anand Manivannan, Andy taught himself how to play the guitar at the age of 14.  He developed his musicianship and production techniques through formal music studies and YouTube tutorials.

Andy got his artistic start as an adolescent in the industrial city of Chennai, India, where he started taking private lessons in western classical piano and Carnatic singing lessons with his grandfather, revered Nadaswaram player S. R. D. Vaidyanathan and renowned vocalist Rajkumar Bharathi

But gradually found that his heart lied in the West.  Ignited by music like The Beatles and The Fray, this prompted him to perform his first acoustic rendition of “How To Save A Life” with his provocatively-named high school trio Acoustic Bastards live.  His first public Western performance motivated him to seek out a career in western indie rock and to hone his skills as a performer.

For the first few tracks on Scars & Wounds, Andy crudely recorded them with a desktop mic and used TV speakers for playback.  Gradually, he began to widen his research on the Internet looking up DIY recording techniques and rapidly learned DAWs like Audacity and Cubase 5, which he used to record all the material on the record.  This led him to study at the California College of Music in Los Angeles, where he refined his songwriting skills and enhanced his production abilities.

The results are evident in his latest record.  Scars & Wounds is filled with a dreamy forefront with catchy melodies and memorable harmonies.

The EP opens up with “Hope” that has a great island/tropical flavor coming from the ukulele electric guitars.  This is a mellow and relaxing song that has a happening laidback feel.  Some dynamic and soulful melodies pervade with a catchy and nice flow.  The track contains a dreamy vibe that is uplifting and filled with a positive appeal.

On “Sleep Well My Child,” a nice flow comes through from the soothing lullaby.  Andy’s vocals are warm and effusive.  The song is simply rendered with simple arrangements of just the ukulele and keys accompanied with the vocals.  The track feels comforting and safe inside the cocoon of soothing vocals.

“Whammy Girl” starts off with some noodling on the electric guitar.  Andy’s vocals sound distant and reverb-filled and which evokes an oldies appeal.  The song is also touched with a bit of country-twang and Americana.  After the opener, the track rages with louder revving guitars as the sound ups a notch in volume.  The song has a definite hard rock vibe.  Towards the later part of the track, the guitars produce a wall of sound, as a soaring electric guitar solo paves the track, reverberating from deep within.

On “Just Another Love Song,” the ukulele and acoustic guitar alone accompanies Andy’s vocals.  The simple arrangement has a stripped down feel.  This has a really appeal and arresting acoustic melody.  The sound elicits a melancholy vibe with somber overtones.

Andy The Crocodile produces music that is reminiscent of a veteran artist.  With such finesse and a polished exterior, Scars & Wounds showcases Andy’s expertise as a musician.  The EP not only exhibits the singer-songwriter’s artist merit, it also demonstrates the artist’s unique indie rock/pop and alternative sensibilities.

Scars & Wounds is prevalent with catchy hooks, arresting melodies, and rich harmonies.  The record is not only melody-driven, it is also a memorable journey through oldies music with a contemporary twist.

According to the artist:  “Scars & Wounds is about those people in life you never outgrow, but carry with you as a mark on your soul, cursed with the scars that echo through your reveries but endowed with the memory of being touched by an angel.”

Scars & Wounds was written, performed, and produced independently by ATC.

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