Vipid: LA musician delves into electronic chill and downtempo dream pop on album 'Daydream'


Vipid (Jared Simmons) is a musician and graphic artist.  Driven by his experiences, in his latest album, Daydream, Simmons seeks out the little details that makes Los Angeles a city – one that is multi-layered and filled with diversity.

Simmons brings forth some ethereal vibes on the track, “Canyon,” that shines with a sense of urgency and a free-flowing vibe and on “Seabed,” where the hazy, haunting sound is made up of a dreamy wash of downtempo electronic beats.

Daydream carries forth a balanced sound filled with centered beats about the dreamy coastline and the ever-evolving city of Los Angeles.  Some stunning tunes are exhibited on the album.  A few memorables are:  the title-track that simmers with a dreamy wash of synths and atmospheric pop electronic beats, on “Shore” that pervades with an expansive and dreamy ambient soundscape, and on “Surf Rider” that resounds with a riveting sense of immediacy underlining the drumming electronic beats.

The cadence on Daydream caters to a young audience.  The album contains a youthful sound: wild and carefree, though at the same time this is soulful music with a whole lot of depth.  On “Wake,” downtempo electro beats pave the way for a dubstep feel that at first relinquishes some dark undertones but gradually the beats spiral into a sunnier and brighter sound, on “Pier” bouncy electronic beats buoy this track with a mellow and laidback feel, and on “Syzygy,” where melodious keys and retro-styled synths invigorate this song.

On the album, live instruments mixed into the electronic ambience create for a striking sound.  A versatile artist, Simmons is a staunch believer in fastening organic instrumentation with electronic beats that produces a dreamy wash of impressions filled with breathtaking atmosphere and soaring guitar riffs.  For example, on “Daydream” some ambient synths start off this track as an electric guitar solo soon riffs across the current of this electrifying song, on “Surf Rider” psychedelic guitar riffs cycle through this track buoyed by a care-free and fun-loving vibe on the electronic beats, on “Syzygy” that reverberates with oscillating melodies coming from the electronic beats and electric guitar solo, on the bouncy electronic beats that gets buoyed by noodling on the acoustic guitar that gives off a mellow and laidback feel on “Pier,” and on “Reflections” that is a song made of entirely acoustic instrumentation that produces a haze of chill nostalgic pop.

Simmons harnesses a style that is glowing and laidback.  These tracks resound with an engrossing, mellow vibe.  This is prevalent on the riveting relevancy of “Surf Rider” that is buoyed by a laidback feel on the electric guitar, on the soothing and calming, mellow vibes on “Syzygy,” on the ambient and soaring feel on “Pier,” on the quiet and haunting feel on “Descent” that has traces of a melancholy feel, and on “Reflections” that pervades with a nostalgic hazy and dreamy vibe.

The soundscapes on Daydream are vigorous and will definitely plant an impression upon listeners.  Audiences will hunger for more after giving this electric album a listen.

The songs off Simmons’ latest album are sonorous signals into the abyss and out from the edge of the world we get these deep-treading electronic soundscapes that are like an escape from the mundane – out of nowhere a burst of light in the shadowy haze.

Daydream is unwavering like the unfettered constant.  The soaring synths and smooth, chill electronic beats are an eternal soundscape to the terrains of the heart.

Vipid takes us to the forefront of dreamy electronic soundscapes with his latest album.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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