Versal: Houston-based composer's debut 'Self-titled' EP is filled with ambient soundscapes


Javier Velez, aka Versal, is a Houston-based composer, CG artist and programmer.  His music proclivities manifested itself at a young age.  Since the age of two, he could hum in perfect key and tempo the opening songs to all his favorite cartoon shows.  This was before he could even speak.  By the time he was 17, Velez had mastered several instruments (piano, organ, trumpet, trombone, and guitar – both electric/classical).  This segued into him entering the world of the orchestra, eventually becoming the conductor and arranger of one of the two prominent Hand bell Choirs in his native San Juan by the age of 19.

He has worked on several films and documentaries, incorporating his skills as an editor, colorist, visual FX artist, director of photography, composer, and director.  It has been a lifelong dream of his to execute an album that will be based under the same ideas and themes that have been running through his head since he was six years of age.

This dream has always been postponed until now.  Finally Versal is ready to unleash his debut Self-titled EP release.  The eponymous EP is an emotional rendering filled with thought-provoking soundscapes and everlasting melodies.

The EP opens up with “Ethereal” that contains an ambient and atmospheric sound.  A melodious piano tune traces this track.  With a soothing blend of acoustics, the piano melody is beatific and pleasing.  The soft cadence courses throughout the song.  Soaring synths accompany the piano tune, giving off an ambient and atmospheric base.  Next, the sound of lush strings joins in, adding a symphonic finish to the layers of ambiance.  A relaxing and soothing sound pervades.

On “Flamenco en Culebra,” the cadences of the flute and acoustic guitar give off a melodious blend.  The sounds of some elegant strings add an exciting layer to the music.  The music is up-keyed here.  An energized feel is prevalent throughout the song.  Electric electronic beats buoy this track.

“Dawn” has an awe-inspiring celestial opening.  With soaring and ethereal vibes, the flute traces this song with the sounds of the strings filling in on the background.  The wind instruments give off an earthy vibe.

“Carrousel” contains a quirky and eccentric melody as well as a whimsical electronic tune.  The track contains a roundabout feel to the melody with a carnivalesque vibe.  Wonky and funky electronic beats fill this song.

“All Together” has some moody strings that start off this track, giving off a melancholy feel.  Some ambient synths also trace this song.  The electronic beats strike off in a faster pace as the track progresses, giving off the air of racing.  Horns pave the way for an epic and expansive cadence.

“El Camino a Montserrat” pervades with lush strings that pave this track that elicits a moody feel to the music.  While a melancholy vibe comes from the strings, the electronic beats offer up a magical feel.

Versal’s music is transcending.  Self-titled provides for a listening experience that will transport you from the mundane into the exciting.

Listeners will be up for a thrilling ambient ride filled with electronic music accompanied by orchestral arrangements and enchanting melodies.

Versal’s latest is a mixture of the electric with the organic with live instruments as well as electronic beats.  Velez’s music comes alive with ambient flourishes that dive into orchestral arrangements and multi-faceted electronic dimensions.

Not to be missed, Self-titled weaves in organic instrumentation with electronic embellishments to make this stunning work really shine with authenticity.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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My Nguyen

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