Tigerdog: Charlotte-based three piece indie rock band releases amped Alt single "Seriously"


Indie rock three-piece Tigerdog is a relatively new band to hit the Charlotte, North Carolina music scene.  The members have all quit their full-time jobs in order to pursue music more seriously.  Although the project is relatively new, the members are all passionate about their art, having all previously played for other multiple projects, both separately and together.

Tigerdog consists of Daniel Hodges, Ryan Southwell, and Caleb Biele.

“Seriously” is the first single from Tigerdog’s debut album, That Was Then.  This is Meow.

“Seriously” has an energetic alternative indie rock vibe saturated with sarcastic vocal and lyrics. Hodges, guitarist and vocalist to Tigerdog, sings:  “My heart been swinging heavy in my chest for a while/No one takes me seriously anymore/So what do you take seriously anymore/Why can’t you take it seriously anymore/'Cause no one takes you seriously.”

The song is filled with catchy pop and upbeat tunes.  The bass provides for some hypnotic rhythms, and the electric guitar riffs are melodious and contagious.  The percussions elicit great energy and the song contains an amped and electrically charged feel.

“Seriously” pervades with a great indie rock feel filled with melodious guitars and gritty vocals, and is an apt taster to what they will have in store for listeners on their debut album.

That Was Then.  This Is Meow. was recorded in the legendary Mitch Easter’s Fideltorium Studio and released in July of 2017.

After quitting their day jobs, Tigerdog is willing to tirelessly pursue art for a living 24/7.  Now as active participates to the wildly diverse music scene in Charlotte, the trio are paving their way with their own unique sound.  With such abundant passion for what they do, we can all share in the enthusiasm exhibited in their mutual statement:  “We all just want to quit our lives and be Tigerdog forever.”

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