South for Winter conjures up a sound resplendent with folk, blues, and pop on their brand new single "Twine"

South for Winter

South for Winter officially formed in September 2017, but the story behind the band went back further than that.  South for Winter began in 2014 in Peru, South America, where Colorado singer-songwriter Dani Cichon and New Zealand guitarist Nick Stone met as volunteers building greenhouses in the Misminay mountain communities.  Right from the start, the two shared a rapport that was worth sharing.  The two spent an afternoon writing what would later become South for Winter’s first single, “Fallen Seeds.”  Years later the two artists would leave their individual music projects, move to Nashville, TN, where they would later meet cellist Alex Stradal, who would become the third counterpart to their now signature blend of folk, blues, gypsy, and jazz.

On their brand new single, “Twine,” South for Winter is once again reintroducing audiences with their soulful country-twang cadence.  Inviting and vulnerable singing from the combined vocal harmonies from Cichon and Stone provide a broad and melodious scope.

The single is thought-provoking and dramatic with traces of urgency running underneath the gamut of the song.  A powerful folk melody pervades as well as an energized sound on the track.

Emotions take flight on this imaginative single.  The strings add a soaring touch to the music.  Interwoven sounds of the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, and percussions coalesce together to create an invigorating performance.

A welling of sounds and impressions, South for Winter provides for a soothing and placating quality on this track.  A single that is as powerful as it is moving and thought-provoking, South for Winter’s earthy rich signature sound makes a mark with this mesmerizing song.

A touching track that is a love metaphor of a beaver and a sparrow – the beaver as the homemaker, trying to create a future with the sparrow while knowing stability will never be what the sparrow wants, “Twine” is the first single to be released off South for Winter’s debut album.  The single is a follow up from the trio’s first national/international tours through over 15 states and Canada and leading up to their first European and NZ/Aus tours.

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