Robbie Z: Bulgarian hip hop artist unleashes hypnotic brand new single "Hot Wheelz"

Robbie Z

Bulgarian hip hop/pop and R&B artist Robbie Z is a sixteen year who backs the trend of utilizing social media in order to integrate his music worldwide.

With such promise coming his way with the release of his debut single, “Copy-Paste,” which came out February 2018, it looks like the future looks more than bright for the brand new artist.  The debut single became an unexpected success and went on to encourage Robbie to continue writing, performing, and filming his own music and videos.  “Copy-Paste” was followed up by “Gucci On Me,” which was the lead single to his debut mixtape, TLTM. 

Robbie is unleashing is latest single, “Hot Wheelz.”  The brand new single is filled with hypnotic beats.  On the track, Robbie raps like a demon.  He exhibits a riveting style.  A whirlwind of swirling beats, the hypnotizing rap style is decadent with rich electronic backbeats and dark rhythms on the thumping basslines.

Robbie displays a suave rap style finished with definite finesse:  “Hot wheelz, crack kills/I’ve got many automobiles/Hot wheelz, unrealistic ideals/A lot of tea, but no face reveals/Hot wheelz, head over heels/Hundred dolla bills, but they got no feels.”  Robbie raps with a sophistication beyond his years.

The MV features a room bathed in purples and reds as scenes from the bedroom are juxtaposed with protestors carrying signs.  Robbie dons shades throughout the music video as the indoors and outdoors grows synonymous.

A nugget of truth from Robbie Z:  “When people comment nasty things to me, it inspires me to write more music and I just basically wrote a song about escaping from the hate!”

In 2018, Robbie released 3 singles.  2019 will mark a new year for Robbie.  His debut album is set to be released in late spring, entitled, REBELLIOUZ. 

“Hot Wheelz” is the second single from his much anticipated album.

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