Patrick Ames' latest EP 'All I Do Is Bleed' is a easy and fun-loving listen

Patrick Ames

Patrick Ames, who is sixty-ish, is a prolific songwriter and has been writing songs since he was 14 years old.  He inherited a guitar and dozens of classic albums from his older brothers who went off to college, and he has been making music ever since.

With his latest endeavor, All I Do Is Bleed, Ames is unpacking a 4-track EP that unfolds with a multitude of genres.  From R&B downtempo, to American Top 40, to Classical Crossover, to Latin Folk/Pop, the myriad of genres that the EP elicits goes on to exemplify Ames' aim to encompass a multi-faceted album with a wide range of sounds.

The EP project is inspired by Ames’ travels to Buenos Aires.  Kindling acoustic guitar work and percussions straight off the streets of San Telmo in Buenos Aires, the EP is jam-packed by Ames’ Latin influences.  Featured on the EP are Ames’ refreshing vocals that are accompanied by the energized performances of Chana and Mikaela.

All I Do Is Bleed opens up with “I Want You” that starts off with a Latin note with the Spanish guitar.  Ames sings rapidly in this fast-paced song filled with fiery Latin vibes.  A sizzling flavor appears on this R&B downtempo track with tango strumming.  Sultry and rich, the Spanish guitar offers an up-close-and-personal vibe, giving off an intimate feel.

“While You Were Making Babies” contains an addicting and contagious pop flavor.  A piano melody traces the track with energized percussions and electric guitar.  Upbeat and catchy vibes fill the infectious and melodious tune.  A groovy song with great beats and flow, it contains a retro appeal that harkens to a 50’s-era doo-wop feel.

“Queen Kae,” which was written for his mother, is a Classical Crossover that contains a smoldering acoustic guitar cadence.  A choral background accompanies the acoustic guitar, giving the track a celestial air.  Deft finger-work on the acoustic guitar pervades for a stripped down air as the track is simply rendered with choral singing and the acoustic guitar.

“Te Amaba Locamente” is a duet with Mikaela.  On this passionate interchange, the exchanges are riveting and on fire.  The song is entirely sung in Spanish.  This is a slower striding song with a simmering sound and a sultry, sizzling vibe.

Patrick Ames conjures a whole lot of Latin roots on his latest EP.  These tracks are easy and fun-loving.  They are great to listen to as well as sing along to.  Something great to listen to if you have some downtime, these tracks are rendered in the same care-free attitude that they are meant to be enjoyed with.

Fasten your seatbelts, you’re in for a revving good time with Ames’ All I Do Is Bleed. 

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