Lachi returns with brand new R&B gem "What I Want"


Growing up in Upstate New York, West Philadelphia, and North Carolina areas, R&B songstress Lachi has been exposed to a vast array of musical influences that goes on to inspire her unique vocal style.

Lachi’s sound is all across the board, oftentimes described as a cross-over of genres, from EDM to pop and soul.

With an outstanding catalog of music under her belt, Lachi, the ever prolific artist, is also featured on the track “Go” by Maduk, which dropped Feb. 25, 2019.

Lachi’s latest release, “What I Want,” co-written and produced by Julian Javan, is another positive affirmation song with empowering themes.  According to Lachi, “I tend to shy away from love and breakup themes, and float towards thought provoking themes, as in “Far” with Markus Schultz, emotive themes, like in “Living A Lie” with Styles P, kitschy themes, as in my release “Allegedly” or empowering themes as in this latest release, “What I Want (Dat Body).”  The track was inspired by the new wave of women taking charge and kicking ass across the nation from politics, to entertainment, to small-town heroes.  I’m the type of girl who doesn’t mind buying a cute guy at the bar a drink, and I know I’m not nearly the only one.  The culture of holding women to some high pin-up standard is now on the out.  It’s high time for Her to walk into a bar and declare what she wants without the peril of itch-bay stigma.”

“What I Want” is a sexy music video with upbeat glitch-y electronic beats.  An empowering R&B song, the electronic background gives off an International flair.  This sultry and alluring single contains vibrant electro beats and a sensational R&B sound.

Lachi turns up the heat with this hot music video.  The vocals are electrifying and energized.

The track sizzles with a sexy sound.  With a powerful vocal range, in equal parts expressive and provocative, Lachi draws listeners in with her uplifting themes and soulful vibes.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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