Joan Torres's All Is Fused pulsates with raw and energized jazz, Latin, and Progressive performances on 'Revolution'

Joan Torres's All Is Fused

Pulsating with raw and invigorating energy, Joan Torres’s All Is Fused’s brand new release, Revolution, proves to be the standout recording that the band has been working towards.  In the last 7 years, All Is Fused has produced 3 albums prior to RevolutionBefore (2012), The Beginning (2014), Of The Musical (2016).  Revolution is the fourth installment to the series that includes 4 chapters.  A similar album artwork theme ties in the releases altogether.

These are some great jam-sessions filled with electrifying energy on Revolution.  This pervades on “Rebellion” that incorporates an energized jazz and blues feel reverberating with an electric guitar solo and with fast drums undulating throughout the track and on “High Stakes” that starts off with deft drumming and then eventually the track tapers off to a more mellow and laidback feel.

Some of these tracks contain a real cool, smooth jazz flavor.  This is evident on “Loss” that elicits an airy, atmospheric feel with ethereal vibes, on “Barriers” that starts off with a cool, mellow jazz flavor and then fast drums makes for a maelstrom of provocative beats, and on the bonus track, “True (Revamp),” where some up-keyed drumming paves the start of this song as the rest of the track progresses with a more cool, mellow vibe.

The drums electrify and on such tracks like the fast drumming on “Barriers,” on the insane drumming on “Rebellion,” and on the deft drumming on “High Stakes” all goes to show the virtuoso handling of the instrument.

A lot of these tracks are in the experimental end, catering to a more eccentric side of the band.  On “Moving Mountain,” strumming on the strings create a daunting feel and a bit of discordance.  As the sounds of the strings climaxes, the song progresses gradually growing louder.  Eventually the sounds of the acoustic guitar joins in, creating a zigzag of low humming tunes.  On “Aftermath,” that starts off to a staccato backbeat with the instrumentals stop and going intermittently, giving off a fiery flavor as well as sizzling with a strong sense of immediacy.  On “Ambivalence,” as a bit of snow included on this track oscillates in and out of the song, creating for a big of dissonance.

Joan Torres’s All Is Fused showcases a full-blown progressive Latin jazz fusion sound.  Fast and stirring melodies are a fixture on this album.  The sounds are edgy and provocative.  All Is Fused is definitely doing something new with their unique sound that ties in jazz with blues, Latin, and prog roots.

This is definitely stirring and raw music.

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