Calah Mikal: Nashville-based singer-songwriter releases emotional single straight from the heart, entitled, "An Ocean"

Calah Mikal

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Calah Mikal has been releasing music that has been described as eclectic and “a myriad of genres.”  Originally from New Orleans, the artist made her way to Nashville to attend Belmont University and then called it home after graduating.

Harnessing whimsical melodies, her songs span from ambient worship to indie-alternative pop.  She got her start in music when she released her first EP in 2016 which garnered recognition for its purity and sincerity.

For the past few years, Mikal has been writing material for other artists in the pop and Christian music industries.  Now she is ready to embark on her own solo career, writing and recording original songs that stems from what she calls her bedroom altar, the place where she has dug deep to recall a honesty to heal from unexpected pain and grace that met her this past year.

Now Mikal is ready to unleash her latest single, entitled “An Ocean,” which is the first of three singles she plans to release before she records her full-length album in late 2019.

The new single contains ambient synths that courses throughout this electronic-based track.  It is emotional as well as thought-provoking.  A beatific piano melody also traces this song that has an engrossing R&B vibe as well as an indie Alt feel.  With an atmospheric and soaring appeal, the track contains epic washes of electronic ambiances and ethereal vocals that paints an emotional picture and plateaus off some dramatic music.

A true emotional tour de force, “An Ocean,” evokes in listeners a journey straight from the heart.  Honest and raw, this single will transcend audiences beyond their ordinary circumstances and into the world of the extraordinary.

According to Calah Mikal, “This was written during a season of feeling like I was holding back an ocean of emotion everyday but ultimately, declared over myself that I wouldn’t drown.  This record was healing for me that I hope will be multiplied.  It’s a record that will help you to dance and cry while you feel it all.”

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