Avi Kaplan's latest single "Change On The Rise" is earthy and raw

Avi Kaplan

Originally hailing from central California, Avi Kaplan, who now resides in a rural cabin deep in the forest near the Tennessee run of Natchez Trail, the folk artist is miles away from the Los Angeles, his hubbub for the past 6 years as he toured the world with Pentatonix.  Now, surrounded by farms and forests, Kaplan, who had grown up immersed in the California Sequoias once more finds himself submerged in wildlife.

Known for the timeless quality to his music that is also earthy as well as raw, Kaplan’s sound is roots music in its truest form.  Growing up around nature and having been raised just 40 minutes from Sequoia National Park, Kaplan imparts his deep connection to folk music to the natural environment he grew up being surrounded by.

The folk artist’s latest single, entitled, “Change On The Rise” has a truly rustic and rural feel.  His deep bass vocals reverberates deep from within the marrow of your bones.  There is definitely a great folk pop cadence to this track.  Kaplan sings expressively and passionately.  With a deep oaky sound, his timbre is electrifying.

A spiritual revival of the jubilee sort, the uplifting MV features Kaplan in dark rooms like tombs singing alone and then leading a group of men as they light the woods aflame with the light of their torches and marching together to invoke change.  Kaplan’s vocals are cavernous and reverberates from deep within, creating a pulling force.  The magnetism from his voice will really draw you in.

“Change On The Rise” evokes a strong spiritual stance.  This is a great anthem for rising up the spirits.  A bit of bluesy soul cadence could also be detected in the sound.

Avi Kaplan’s future is expansive like the wilderness he grew up in and from which he is currently residing in.  With a range of cadences from soul to bluegrass, Kaplan has learned how to connect from his soul to his music and with others beautifully through his music.  With music that is like a revelation, Kaplan has truly great things on the horizon.

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