Alya: 'Ten Years Of Solitude' exhibits the indie rock and pop singer-songwriter's penchant for electronic soundscapes and memorable melodies


Indie rock and pop singer-songwriter Alya’s music is a mixture of electronic soundscapes and folk overtures.  An adept innovator, her music crosses multiple genres with a profundity towards writing and performing songs that are a mixture of cinematic styles and influences.

Born in Russia, Alya Michelson is currently based in Los Angeles, where she professes that her largely experimental sound is due to her wide travels, as well as wearing many hats in the industry.  She is a classically-trained singer as well as ballet dancer, performance artist, painter, and multi-linguist.

Avant garde melodies, a mixture of the deviant and of the unexpected, Alya’s music is unique and brimming with an authenticity that is all hers.  This is especially evident on her latest, 10-song album, entitled, Ten Years Of Solitude, that follows in the vernacular of her widely eclectic background.

On the record, Alya channels an other-worldly listening experience with ethereal vocals and atmospheric music that soars.  This is especially true on “Animals” that contains an exquisite indie rock feel and is sung in a quiet and hushed feel, on “Seven” that follows through with a dreamy wash of instrumentals covering some dark undertones while a choral background highlights some celestial vibes, and on “Heart Shaped Hole” where the keys and soaring synths start off this electronic track with vocals that are mesmerizing as Alya sings with an alluring hushed sensibility.

A rush of sounds and a cacophony of stirring cadences, oftentimes the overlapping layers of dissonance in the music can be crushing, but on such songs where it is a straight up balance of auteur and musicianship, we get the best of both worlds.  On “Half Of The Sun,” the electric guitars elicit a bit of country-twang reverberating with a dark Western feel to the track.  Alya sings in an alluring low whispering purr in which she nearly raps out the verses.  Echo-y background filter adds a bit of discordance to the overall music.  On “Twenty Six,” dark metal vibes add a gloomy feel to the music as lush strings really illuminate the song.  A busy and energized sounds really radiates on this track. “Colorful Dreams” has a jazzy and bluesy lounge feel as Alya’s vocals glitch in and out of this song, causing a bit of detraction from the flow.  The track is also accompanied by an engaging piano melody that trickles in.

The indie pop sound on Ten Years Of Solitude hinges on ethereal electronic soundscapes, reverberating vocals, and invigorating key layers of instrumentals added into the mix.  A really giant sound pervades that is larger than life.  Some surprising mixes are added to the bag, including the song “Romano” that conjures a bit of J-pop that is entirely sung in Japanese, as well as “Hachiko” that is totally rendered in acoustic instrumentation.

Ten Years Of Solitude provides for an illuminating listening experience with its experimental sound that gives off an up-close-and-personal feel, adding an exotic element to Alya’s status as an innovative singer-songwriter.

Alya is really an expressive singer with vocals that voice her deepest desires and angsts all in one entire song.  With such vocal power and range, Alya is an artist who is vocally passionate about her art.  With her latest release, Alya has produced a spirited album in the experimental form that showcases her propensity for the eclectic and eccentric.

With mesmerizing vocals and a cunning for details, Ten Years Of Solitude is filled with memorable melodies and a lively and inescapable sound.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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