5 Things: Top shows to watch when Game of Thrones is over

Game of Thrones

Here are 5 shows that can help you get over the loss of Game of Thrones

We are all excited about the return of what could arguably be the most popular show of all time. Game of Thrones is back after a two-year hiatus and alas it is the final season. After such a long wait, we only get six episodes before the show is over for good.

Now we know we are getting a prequel or a spin-off show in the future but what will quench the new thirst we have for epic fantasy stories. Kings, Queens, Knights, and Dragons have captured everyone's attention maybe like never before. Couple those with betrayal, plot twists, and surprise character deaths, and you have a show that makes the masses crave for more.

Have no fear, for I have a list of five shows that are similar to Game of Thrones that if you have not seen already will surely help with the loss of HBO's epic series... Minus the dragons.

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