5 Things: Best Epic Battle Scenes

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Here Are The Best Battle Scenes of Any Epic Movie Or Show

The Game Of Thrones battle scene that we have all patiently waited for is now upon us. The White Walkers are now at the gates of Winterfell and tensions are high for us fans as we sit on the edge of our seat from now until then to see who will come out alive of this looming epic battle.

The Fantasy genre has never been so popular with a general range of audiences. Shows like GOT are usually thought of as being for nerds or geeks and never truly appealed to the masses. Even though GOT is not based on historical fact, I would argue that not even the history based genre has been so popular until the debut of the HBO series we all love now.

Now audiences see what they have been missing out on. Dragons, Knights, Sorcery, and of course the huge battle scenes, which are the best part. The Battle for Winterfell will surely go down as one the best moments in Game Of Thrones but also one of the best battles that we have ever watched on screen. But there have been others filled with blood, action, and a sense of realism that make us remember how awful war is. Others that have filled us with anticipation of what we are about to see.

So without further adieu, let's take a look at 5 of the best epic battle scenes ever

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