'The Order': Netflix's New Magic Series Should Be A Hit


The Order is a pretty cool new series on Netflix that I hope see's another season

The Order was released on Netflix last Friday with ten episodes about secret magical societies and the college students looking to get into them. With the success of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, it makes sense to try to make another show about dark magic as we anticipate Sabrina's upcoming new season.

However, this show feels different than Sabrina. It's not as dark but has a more mature feel to it and seems a little more grounded. The characters of the show are pretty fun to go on the ten-episode arc with as each character has their own unique personality. Some you want to hate, some that make you laugh, and some you can sympathize with.

The Order is about a teen named Jack who has spent his life working to get into a secret society that practices magic called "The Order". His purpose is to take down the order and to go after his father who happens to be the man in charge. Of course, things get complicated along the way. He meets and falls for a girl named Alyssa, and finds himself torn between two societies which complicate things even further.

The second secret society is a group of werewolves who are sworn enemies of The Order who kind of trick Jack into becoming a werewolf himself. Now he is stuck choosing which side to be on as he realizes that both sides have their issues.

The ending of the show was the best part for me because it completely surprised me. I don't want to give it away if you haven't seen it yet but I was a brilliant surprise twist that made me excited for a second season to see what will happen now.

The Order is a show worth watching for sure. It's not hokey, doesn't' feel like a typical teen drama and has fun with its characters. It's acted well and the story will keep you hooked throughout each episode. Let's just hope Netflix doesn't decide to cancel this one just yet.

Did you enjoy The Order? Share your thoughts and favorite moments in the comments below

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