Rachel Morrison: The first woman nominated for Best Cinematography

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Rachel Morrison is a name that you should know in Hollywood.

Born in 1978 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the 39-year-old cinematographer has a long list of credits and has made history in the process.

Morrison attended New York University to study film and photography because she couldn't choose between her passions. By the time of her graduation, Morrison decided to pursue cinematography and attended graduate school at the American Film Institute.

Her career began in television, working on shows and documentaries. Her work on the documentary What Happened Miss Simone (2016) earned her a primetime Emmy nomination. But, her career didn't end there.

Rachel Morrison grabbed the spotlight in the last few months. Her cinematography work on Dee Rees' Mudbound in 2017 earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Cinematography, making her the first woman ever nominated for the award. It didn't stop there, as Morrison became the first woman to be the director of photography on a Marvel Studios film with her work on Black Panther, a film hailed by critics and currently the 21st highest grossing film of all time, just three weeks into the release.


Morrison has also worked on critically acclaimed movies Fruitvale Station, Cake, and Dope.

She married Rachel Garza in December 2011 and had a child together in 2014.

The cinematographer is an inspiration for all emerging filmmakers especially girls and those who identify as LGBTQ. To see someone like them succeeding is truly moving, especially in this industry which is currently going through a revolution.


The Celebrity Cafe is celebrating Women's History Month all March long.



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