Miss Cactus & the Desert releases new music video, "Dating School"

Miss Cactus & the Desert

Miss Cactus & the Desert is led by Mexican, Jersey grown songstress and dancer Alondra, who brings to the masses her psychedelic 70s diva style infused with a new wave tropical pop sound. 

The group has released three singles to date and will be releasing its debut EP, Oasis, in March. 

Miss Cactus & the Desert's latest release is the music video to “Dating School,” which was released in Feb 19th.

“Dating School” contains rhythms-heavy basslines and a unique eclectic sound, resounding with a truly electric vibe.  The MV features Alondra performing on this groovy downtempo and dubstep single.  A fast drumming set gives off a refreshing Latin vibe that mixes in a bit of funk within the track.  Pervading with some jazzy overtones and a bossa nova groove, some horns and trumpets goes on to sound off in the song.  On the MV, Alondra showcases her performing chops, showing off her dance moves and sassy vocals.

Alondra uses music as a tool to empower women especially brown girls.  Growing up she had to deal with sexist traditions as a woman of color and seeing these matters play a pivotal role when it comes to the dating world. 

“I’m going to have to learn to forget all the advice from my mama’s friends,” says the artist.

In the MV, the two characters in the storyline represent the facades of how women are negatively viewed in the traditional sense:  sexualized, submissive, dumb or weak, which hare better translated positively and not to be mixed with powerful, intuitive, and feminine.  Alondra urges the world to look pass their prejudices and to understand that femininity does not necessarily equate to airhead.

The songstress elaborates:  “I want to spread this video as a means to spreading positivity and encouragement to women.  Especially for brown girls who need to hear something relatable.”

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