Lord Sonny the Unifier: Brooklyn-based alternative rock band releases new music video, "The Starman" that is out of this stratosphere

Lord Sonny the Unifier

Lord Sonny the Unifier recalls the glory days of 60's and 70's era of rock 'n' roll

At the helm of Lord Sonny the Unifier is Gregory Jiritano.  Jiritano got his start by playing the guitar at age 8, formed his first band at age 12, and began playing in NYC bars at age 16.  Due to the loss of his recording studio in a fire in 2015, Jiritano had to choose between leaving his album unfinished or regrouping.  He choose to regroup.  Together with his good friend Carmine Covelli, who plays drums, Tyler Wood, a keyboard-wizard-freak and sound guru, and Derek Nievergelt on bass, Lord Sonny the Unifier was formed, and not soon after the album was completed.

Lord Sonny the Unifier is releasing their brand new single and music video, entitled, “The Starman.” 

The MV features an astral projection that makes its way to earth.  It is the Starman.  Throughout history, mysterious men or women in the form of prophets have made the journey to earth in order to spread cautionary tales, point out directions, paths that need to be sought, or simply to redirect people to a higher form of truth.  The Starman is one such entity who has made his way to earth. 

The Starman carries with him tools, a suitcase that falls with him to earth.  The suitcase is filled with a book of codes and a white suit, which becomes synonymous with his moniker.  On his visit, he sees the American landscape, but due to the chaotic and destructive nature of its citizens, he makes his exit and leaves. 

The music is an invigorating Alt/indie rock with a classic rock vibe.  With vocals that are ragged and sandpapery, a groovy classic rock feel is evident in the music that conjures up a sound that is inspired by the 60's and 70's era of rock. 

This is a Bowie-tinged psychedelic rock with some outer space themes in the fringes.

The single makes for some revolutionary rock ‘n’ roll.

“The Starman” is from off the Lord Sonny the Unifier’s album, FINAL NOTICE!

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