Kevin Thomas Band releases brand new single "The Big Picture" that glows with a unique sense of optimism

Kevin Thomas Band

San Diego musician Kevin Thomas is a gifted singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.  With his latest project Kevin Thomas Band, the group is able to tie in a retinue of genres that include funk, folk, jazz and rock into a sound that is glowing with an unrelenting sense of optimism.

The group is releasing their brand new single, entitled, “The Big Picture.”  The single comes off of the Kevin Thomas Band’s latest album A New Heart.

“The Big Picture” is sung with blissed out fervor.  There is definitely a certain amount of contagious joy on this song that resonates with a Contemporary Radio feel.  The single keeps the sound buoyant with some cool jazz overtones dressed in funk, blues, jazz, and folk.  All of which are some flavorful cadences.  A piano melody courses throughout the track filled with uplifting positive vibes.  An epic electric guitar solo also ignites this track.

The single has a jaunty reggae flavor regaling a contagious island/tropical vibe.  The vocals are filled with punch and a certain amount of pizzazz.  Enmeshed in this song is an energetic sound that overflows with an ecstatic outlook on life with lyrics that exclaims, “But cold streets surround you with new gifts to open and keep you safe/I’m headstrong picking up the puzzle pieces to build a home…You got to see the big picture reading through the lines.”

What definitely pervades on this single is a sunny and upbeat sound.

Evident from this track right from the get-go is an artist hungry for life who is equal parts passionate about his music.  He sings with an energetic fervor that is exquisitely infectious exuding a penchant for funky layers of melodies redolent with a mixture of jazz, folk, and rock.

The listening experience is one that is exuberant filled with Thomas’ uplifting lyrics and upbeat music.

Sensing the world needed more positive affirmation, his music is now taking a new direction – one this is filled with positivity, joy, healing, and love.  Thomas explains, “A New Heart has been a concerted effort to take my music in a more positive direction.  The album is not only the culmination of my own dramatic personal transformation, but also a response to the discordant echoes from our society.  The angst driven rebellious music that was needed so much in decades past has served it’s noble purpose, a purpose I fully rejoiced in; but now what is need is positivity, healing, joy and love.  This is what the world is calling for now, and this is what A New Heart is all about.”

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