Jaimie Steck: LA dance-pop songstress recalls the heydays of 90's pop with music video "Full Moon"

Jaimie Steck

Jaimie Steck is a Los Angeles-based dance-pop singer and performer.  What makes her unique is that she brings to the table music that she herself writes that incorporates a thrilling performance aspect through her music videos or live shows.  Steck hopes to revitalize the heydays of all-around showmanship to pop music that we’ve seen with some of the 90’s greats (Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Madonna, among others) in a more modernized setting.  She imbues in her refreshing MVs and live shows with an electrifying performance feature that establishes her as an artist on the rise.  Her fresh lyrics and brimming entertaining visuals showcase her as a talent to look out for.

Steck’s latest release is the music video to single, “Full Moon.” 

The MV opens up to sultry vocals and an alluring sound.  There is definitely a provocative cadence that pervades on this track.  Extravagant electronic beats simmer throughout this hot jam that also features Steck with some evocative dance sequences.  Steck really is an awesome performer.  She really has great showmanship.  The MV even shows Steck dancing in the rain in choreography that recalls Britney Spears’ “Stronger” days. 

The rhythms and beats are equal parts provocative with a hypnotizing appeal.  The electronic beats also has a moody and dark feel.  Filled with seductive visuals of Steck flaunting her dance moves, the pop artist transforms in various getups from a vampress to a choreographed ballerina and a seductress dancing in the rain.  The MV shows her many faces, a chanteuse with many talents. 

Jaimie Steck’s seductive vocals and lyrics aren’t the only things that are alluring.  Together paired with her erotic movements, the music video to “Full Moon” brims with a sexiness and flamboyancy that is a straight up tribute to 90’s dance-pop grooves.   

“Full Moon” is set to be released on March 20th

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