Ike Reilly's 'Crooked Love' is a haunting and visceral album

Ike Reilly

Ever since his major label debut, Salesmen and Racists, Ike Reilly has been cutting his teeth producing punk/folk/blues influenced rock ‘n’ records that retaliate against the American dream by telling stories about outsiders, renegades, and outcasts.  Described as one of the best live bands in America, Reilly’s band, The Assassination, are known for turning out material that is consistent to their live sound – one that is sufficiently poetic, rebellious, wholly original, and critically acclaimed.

On his latest record, Crooked Love, Reilly has released a set of killer songs driven by a raw and burning sound.

Some smoky blues are exhibited as well with the band really jamming on these tracks.  The music comes alive with weaving gnarly guitar licks and a big bustling bluesy sound.  This is evident on the opener “Living’ In The Wrong Time” where Reilly’s gritty baritone vocals elicit a tantalizing sandpapery overtones, on “Missile Site” where the vocals are filled with punch and gusto and the keyboards and harmonica are in equal parts energized and playful, and on “Took It Lying Down” where the noodling on the guitar is executed in a low hum as Reilly’s vocals really guns for your attention in the punk spirit.

On this record, Reilly and his band lets loose with smart and saucy lyrics and rollicking music that makes for a smashing sound.  He and his band fleshes out some visceral blues with a groovy, punk, folk, and rock blend.  Reverberating guitars concoct a melodious spree of resonating bluesy-folk cadences on “She Haunts My Hideouts” a melodious and upbeat track with psychedelic guitar licks reverberating throughout the stellar song, on the bluesy good time on “Long Dreadful Time” where the horns add an up keyed layer and the harmonica sizzles with a bluesy fervor, on “Boltcutter Again” where the vocals are filled with panache and the percussions provide for an amped feel, on the acoustic bare-all intimate feel on “Don’t Turn Your Back On Friday Night,” and on the groovy nit and grit blues exhibited on “To Die In Her Arms.”

Crooked Love encompasses songs by a musician hell-bent on showing audiences a rollicking good time.  A few of these songs are in the more emotional spectrum with this haunting record going on to show us some somber truths, identifying with life’s darker avenues.

Ike Reilly and the band plays full throttle executing some gritty rock ‘n’ roll music that is burning to be heard.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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