Hannah Glavor: Portland-based singer-songwriter's latest music video "Distant Shores" is brimming with cinematic range

Hannah Glavor

Portland-based singer-songwriter Hannah Glavor offers up a cinematic scope in her indie pop and folk rock soundscapes.

Having recovered from brain surgery, survived difficult transitions, and weathered losses, Glavor proves that in the face of adversity she has the fortitude to withstand it all.  Now, Glavor is back stronger than ever.

Glavor launched her career in 2010 with the release of her debut EP, O My Wandering Heart (2012), that dives into strong melodies and honest lyrics that recalls the sounds of the Beachboys and Fleetfoxes.

With the help of her family band, Glavor released in 2013 her album, Halcyon, with Hannah fully emerging from being a solo artist into a full sound backed by a band.

Altogether, the raw and moving sounds conveyed in her music reflects Glavor’s emotional stance, gleaning on her growth as an artist.

Glavor’s latest single, “Distant Shores,” is a testament to the artist’s ever evolving musical style.

The MV to “Distant Shores” opens up to scenes of a beachfront.  The tumultuous waters and mountainous green terrains provide an apt backdrop to Glavor’s quiet but resolute single.  This is a thought-provoking, emotional, and powerful song.  An acoustic indie rock track that resounds with resilience as well as packed with a whole lot of soul, the melancholy cadences coming from the piano and acoustic guitar creates for music with a whole lot of depth.

Reticent and soothing, the track is like a balm that will heal all wounds.  There is a stillness to the song that is just beyond words as the MV features Glavor deep in thought exploring the terrain of the beachfront and staring out at the waters.  The lyrics are tinged with heartache that is also evoked in the music:  “Thinkers winding/Souls aligning/Waves subsiding/We will be with you.”

The lyrics and sound provides for a cinematic scope that is transcending.  This is a song that will give listeners an everlasting and vital impression.

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