Benny Bassett: Acoustic rocker's latest EP sings with 'Words From Yesterday'

Benny Bassett

Brimming from his experiences from the past, acoustic rocker Benny Bassett brings to audiences his second EP release, entitled, Words For Yesterday.  Having pursued a life of the troubadour, logging over 200,000 miles, and close to 500 shows, these songs are an ode to his past experiences on the road.  Like reliving a certain moment again and again, these songs are variations on this theme of “Words For Yesterday.”  Each song caters to a moment in which the actor, or even perhaps the artist himself, laments over things left unsaid.  With this album, Bassett chases down the chance to speak up.

The EP opens up with “Window To Forever” an acoustic song that pervades with a magical sound.  Filled with regret over the inability to say what is needed, the piano keys provide a melodious feel to this billowy ballad that is buoyed by a soaring and atmospheric feel.  On this track, Bassett confesses to his mistakes as he relives his life hoping to change what he had left unsaid.  There is an ethereal feel to the scope of this song with epic electric guitar riffs reeling on this track.

“Live Where You Love The Sky” contains expressive numerating on the guitar that projects an emotional stance.  With a great indie rock and Alt vibe, the expansive sound envelopes the scope of the skyscape with ethereal vocals and energetic percussions.

On “Down Below,” some heavy guitars hinges on a metal induced cadence.  Bassett’s vocals are powered by a rage fueled fire as the melee of guitars produces a wall of ostentatious sound.  The basslines pervades with some heavy rhythms and an epic guitar solo scales the song with a psychedelic feel.

There is a groovy New Wave feel on “Find A Way,” while also eliciting an uplifting and positive vibe.  Some upbeat drumming drives this track as the bass provides for a funky backdrop to this catchy song.

On “Building A Future,” bouncy beats pave this track that contains a wild and carefree flair.  The electronic blend on this song is electric with a soaring and atmospheric feel.  About promises made with a fearless gaze toward the future, the uplifting and positive vibes pervade with steady rhythms and beats.

“From You” resounds with a melancholy sound on the piano.  A melodious acoustic cadence could be heard reeling with emotion and drama.  A thought-provoking track about a fleeting chance at love.

Audiences will really feel for these acoustic tracks about missed opportunities, things left unsaid, and missed chances that are seeped in longing and regret.

These set of songs are bathed in heartache and regret but on a more definite side, these songs are filled with a definitive spark that like a moth drawn to the flame, we, as listeners, can’t help but be drawn to the powerful glow of these intimate and searing tracks.  Wholly alive and refreshing, Benny Bassett has produced an arresting collection of songs on this intensely textual EP that encompasses all the little moments in life making for one unforgettable record.

“This record is about a collection of moments where we either wish we had taken the opportunity to act, or where we try to act, but the moment has passed, or the intended audience has moved on,” says Bassett.  What he found through the time leading up to the creation of this album, is that “you start to doubt yourself, and your ability to live in the moment as a genuine being … you relive this quintessential life moment over and over, and try to chase down what you should have done.  It can be self-defeating, depressing, and ultimately it can take a long time to realize your opportunity is gone.”

Bassett adds:  “My first EP was full of hope, as I launched my solo career on the heels of the success of my band.   But 200,000 miles on the road, devastating loss of personal relationships, and personal betrayal, and ultimately finding a new love and new home, all led to this record.”

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