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True Detective

What an ending scene.

We last left our True Detective “heroes” with a new lead on the case that reveals the kidnapping of the Purcell children might have something to do with their religious upbringing.

The newest episode of True Detective, entitled “The Hour and the Day,” sees Wayne and Roland continue to follow that lead by heading to — where else — church.

After sitting in on the local priest’s sermon and having some private conversations about spirituality and the reality of the grim world they live in (True Detective has to True Detective, after all), they’re able to confront the priest on what he may or may not know about the case.

What he does know actually turns out to be pretty helpful, as the priest is able to give them the name of the woman who makes the dolls found at the crime scene.

True Detective
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That woman’s name is Patty Faber (Candyce Hinkle) — an elderly white woman with a few racial biases who also makes and sells these dolls purely for her own enjoyment.

While talking to Patty seems slightly useless at first, she’s eventually able to recall that there was an African-American gentleman with a lazy eye who bought ten of these dolls from her only a couple months ago.

When she asked what the dolls were for, the only response Patty got was “they’re presents for my nieces and nephews.”

That brings Wayne and Roland over to Davis Junction, which is where they’re able to track down an African-American man named Sam Whitehead (John Jelks) who just so happens to have a lazy eye.

True Detective
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Sam, however, is innocent and is apt to announce that to the whole neighborhood — a neighborhood which doesn’t exactly welcome the law enforcement’s presence, which leads to a pretty tense moment in which Roland almost loses his cool.

The two of them manage to escape that whole fiasco, after which we jump to 1990 in which Wayne is in a new fiasco of his own.

He and Amelia’s marriage is pretty rocky as of late, with the two of them doing nothing but arguing and then making up by having sex.

Wayne, however, is too preoccupied to really look into solving these problems as, once again, the case has taken the forefront of his mind. Now that he and Roland have started trying to solve it again, it’s the only thing he can think about.

True Detective
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Which is why he’s apt to spend days going over footage of the Walgreens that Lucy Parcell was spotted at. At some point, he thinks he may have found her, too, although we don’t get anything besides that reveal for the remainder of this episode.

We do know that, whatever he finds, it’s not completely solved by 2015 because elderly Wayne is still on the case then, too.

After asking his son to help track down some of his associates — including Roland, who he isn’t even sure is alive anymore at this point — he takes a visit over to the documentary director’s house to ask for her help.

She’s surprised to see him, of course, but is also willing to keep communication open as long as they’re both willing to share his secrets.

True Detective
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Wayne isn’t really sure if he has any secrets, though, as his memory is completely shot by the end of this episode. Shot to the point where he begins hallucinating Vietcong soldiers and a young Roland in the middle of his study when he’s just trying to remember what, exactly, happened back in 1980.

Poor Wayne.

Speaking of 1980, Wayne and Roland are keeping plenty busy then, too. Wayne is off on his first date with Amelia (a time when their relationship was much more positive compared to that of 1990), while Roland is called into a local bar to pick up Tom after he’s made yet another scene.

They two are reunited, though, when Freddy’s (the young teenager from the premiere episode) prints are found on Will’s bike. Freddy and his buddies are immediately brought in and are then basically threatened with life in prison if they don’t begin to talk.

True Detective
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So, he talks. He doesn’t admit to murdering Will or having anything to do with the kidnapping, mind you, but Freddy does admit that he used to bully Will, that he stole his bike that fateful afternoon and that he chased him off into the woods.

So, at least in some sense, Freddy is at least partially to blame for what happened.

Wayne and Roland don’t have much time to really dig into that, though, as they’re then called to Woodard’s house.

A couple of the locals saw Woodard asking some kids for the cans they were holding and naturally just assumed he was trying to lure them back to his place, or something like that. They then proceeded to chase Woodard home with their guns a-blazing, ready to deliver some redneck justice.

True Detective
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But Woodard isn’t just going to sit there and take it. He runs back home, unpacks his guns and begins setting up booby traps around the house.

Which lead’s us to the episode’s cliffhanger. Right as Wayne and Roland are arriving on scene, one of the locals kicks down Woodard’s door only to find an active claymore waiting for him.


Tune in to HBO to catch the newest episode of True Detective, and check out some of our other True Detective recaps by clicking here!

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