'True Detective' recap: 'The Final Country'

True Detective

With only one more episode of True Detective to go, things are really heating up (quite literally, in some cases).

The penultimate True Detective episode, entitled “The Final Country,” opens on a pretty sour note.

After our one and only glimpse of Wayne’s daughter Rebecca, who is being dropped off at college and appears to be in good standing with her dad, we return to Tom.

We last saw Tom, as you might remember, in the pink room at the mercy of Harris James.

Tom is now dead.

True Detective
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His body is found by that treehouse we haven’t seen since the premiere episode (kind of odd how that was a big clue earlier on and hasn’t really been brought up since) with a gun and suicide note laying next to him.

Wayne is immediately suspicious of this and suspects foul-play, but Roland really isn’t in the mood to play detective any longer. As far as he’s concerned, this was their fault, and given that he and Tom were what some might call friends, Roland is taking is especially hard.

While the law enforcement then intends to blame the whole thing on Tom and wrap up the case, just like they did in 1980 with Woodard, Wayne heads home to find Amelia has come up with the next clue.

A black man with one eye showed up during the reading of her book and started asking some not-so-friendly questions. Amelia then continues to follow that lead and finds that this man — who is presumably the same man that was questioned a few True Detective episodes ago — has been involved with this from the very beginning.

True Detective
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Furthermore, after finding Lucy’s phone records, he also might have a connection to James Harris.

Before we get there, though, there’s something pretty mind-blowing that happens in 2015 for all of us True Detective fans who have been wondering if and when something like this was going to happen.

Wayne is talking to the TV reporter when the topic of the dolls comes up. According to Elisa, these dolls are part of a larger underground world run by human traffickers. They first appeared in 2012 during a case in Louisiana which was solved by two other detectives years after the crime was initially reported.

You guessed it, those detectives are none other than Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) and Marty Hart (Woody Harrelson) — aka our protagonist from the first season of True Detective, confirming there is some sort of connectivity between seasons.

True Detective
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Along with the fun easter egg, this really reveals that Julie and Will were presumably sold into human trafficking. Elisa also believes that one of their parents — either Tom or Lisa — had a hand in doing so.

With the heat now turning towards Lisa and her connections, and elderly Wayne and Roland attempt to interview a long-time employee of Hoyt (the company formerly run by Harris and were Lisa used to work), who brings the one-eyed black man — who she calls Mr. June — back into the conversation.

And in a trip back to 1990 of True Detective, we quickly learn why Harris wasn’t brought up during any of those 2015 talks.

Wayne takes a trip to a defeated Roland’s house to try and get him to take one last stab at this case. He knows that Roland is pretty much done with the whole thing after Tom’s death, but Wayne believes that justice can still be served and that they’re the only ones who can serve it.

True Detective
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So, he manipulates Roland. He tells them that Tom would want them to solve the case and, worse yet, Tom would want them to do what Wayne is about to propose.

He suggests that they go pick up Harris, bring him to the barn they roughed up that pedophile at and basically beat the truth out of him until he confesses. Not a great plan, he’ll admit, but it’s the best they got at this point.

Roland’s skeptical. If Harris doesn’t talk, he knows they’re going to be in a world of trouble. They’ll lose their jobs, for sure, and could easily do time in prison.

Eventually, though, he agrees and they get to it.

Things are going about as you’d expect, at first. Harris takes a pretty nasty beating while proclaiming his innocence, worrying the detectives that they might have the wrong guy, only before he starts to give in.

True Detective
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He also convinces them that he has some kind of lung condition and needs to his handcuffs taken off, which Wayne is stupid enough to fall for.

That’s when it happens.

Harris goes for Wayne’s gun and, having no other choice, Roland shoots Harris where he stands. He falls to the floor, dead, leaving a pool of blood behind him.

The detectives are in trouble. If anyone ever finds out about this, best case scenario would probably be life in prison. Worst case scenario, dare they even think it, would be that the people Harris is connected to find out and come looking for them.

True Detective
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So, they burry the body. Quickly, quietly and thoroughly, which is followed by a silent return to each of their individual homes, which is where they start burning their clothes and any other evidence.

But then, in the final scene of this True Detective episode, it happens.

Wayne and Amelia (who walked in on Wayne burning his clothes but was granted no answers as to what he was doing) are talking in the kitchen when the phone rings. It’s Edward Hoyt (voiced by Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy star Michael Rooker, who’s a great get for this show). He wants to talk about Harris.

It’s Wayne’s choice, Hoyt tells him. He can either come outside and get in the car to have this discussion, or Hoyt can walk inside and greet Wayne’s wife and kids.

True Detective
credit: YouTube

After a minute of contemplation, Wayne reluctantly gets up, tells his wife to take the kids and gets out, walks outside and gets into the car.

Cut to black.

Only one more episode of True Detective to go! What do you think is going to happen? Is Hoyt going to kill Wayne? Where’s Roland in all of this?

Tune in to HBO tonight to catch the True Detective season finale and check out our other True Detective recaps by clicking here!

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