'True Detective' recap: 'If You Have Ghosts'

True Detective

Last week’s True Detective episode left us with a good ‘ole cliffhanger as to the fate of Woodard, Wayne and Roland.

In typical True Detective form, this week opens by not addressing that cliffhanger whatsoever and instead picks up in 1990.

The episode, which is entitled “If You Have Ghosts,” starts with Wayne and Roland following the lead on the figure they assume to be Julie inside that Walgreens.

Roland is strict on not mentioning any of this to Tom, given that it’ll only give him a sense of false hope that can’t be validated at this point.

True Detective
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Right when he says that, Tom just so happens to walk in and see his daughter’s face plastered on a billboard. Wayne then proceeds to tell him everything that’s going on, against Roland’s better judgement, meaning that the poor father now does have that sense of false hope.

At least, for now. More on that towards the end of the episode.

The fall-out at Woodard’s house does result in multiple deaths, as we expected. Along with the poor sucker who busted open the door and found a claymore waiting for him, Woodard opens fire on everyone else who was standing in his yard, killing several of them.

After Roland gets shot in the leg, Wayne is the one who apprehends Woodard and reluctantly has to pull the trigger.

We also learn that Woodard is convicted for the case in 1980 after all this went down, as investigators later found Will’s backpack inside Woodard’s vents when searching through all the carnage.

True Detective
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1990’s Wayne, however, believes that backpack had to be planted. The real killer, he thinks, is still out there.

This leads to another visit to Freddy Burns — the now matured teenager who they tried to pin the murders on during the previous episode. That doesn’t get them too far, though, as Burns still insist that he’s innocent and, worse yet, blames Roland and Wayne for the psychological scars he’s had to carry for the past ten years.

Amelia is carrying some kind of psychological scar, too, as she and Wayne turn a nice dinner with Roland and his girlfriend into nothing short of a huge mess.

The four are engaged in casual conversation when Amelia brings up the case. Wayne doesn’t want to talk about it, but Amelia insists, eventually causing outrage from her husband and an awkward scenario for all.

True Detective
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Really, someone should probably get them to a marriage counselor sooner rather than later.

Things with Tom take for a turn for the worse when he somehow becomes one of the lead suspects in the case.

Upon hearing his daughter might still be alive, Tom decides to set up a police hot-line that anyone can call into with information about his missing daughter.

Only one call comes in. That call is a rather important one, though, as the voice on the other end of the lines claims to be none other than Julie Purcell.

Worse yet, that voice is also claiming that Tom is the one responsible for the kidnappings and Will’s murder. Talk about some bad luck on Tom’s part.

True Detective
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We end this episode in 2015, with our first glimpse at an elderly Roland.

Wayne’s son has done his job and tracked down his father’s former partner, who now lives alone out in the woods with a large pack of dogs. Marriage and kids, it seems just weren’t for Roland.

The two spend a little time catching up before Wayne drops what he’s really here for: he wants to re-open the Purcell case one more time and he needs Roland’s help.

At first, Roland is offended by the offer. They haven’t spoken in 24 years (there’s some kind of fallout between the two that the 1990 storyline is rapidly approaching), and Wayne is going to bring this up during their first conversation? Can’t they just drink, reminisce and act like old men?

True Detective
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Eventually, though, Roland comes around and decides, sure, what the hell, why not give this thing one more crack?

So, looks like the boys are teaming up for a third time.

Tune in to the third season of True Detective on HBO tonight to catch the newest episode, and check out some of our other True Detective recaps by clicking here!

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