10 unromantic tunes to get you through Valentine's Day

Well, here we are again at another Valentine’s Day week. This holiday seems to presume that everyone is in a happy, committed, monogamous relationship or is miserable.

Not so.

We feel it’s important to remember that “happy couples” and “sad singles” comprise only part of the world. Many - if not most - people, if they're honest, fall into some grey zone.

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In honor of the (we believe a majority of) people whose experience is more complicated, we have compiled a soundtrack for the week. We cover a wide array of genres and tastes in here. From metal to pop and country to rock, there is something of every flavor in this mix. Each tune is dedicated to a different not-so-easy-to-label group of people who may need some extra music therapy this week.

Do you just want to go out and have fun without being hit on? We have you covered. Is your ex-succumbing to the V-Day pressure and hitting you up again? Yeah, we’ve got something for that too.

If you don’t fit into a simple smiley face/sad face box, this is the list for you. Enjoy ten of our favorite unromantic tracks to propel you through this week.

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