Ten movies with tragic love stories to watch this Valentine's Day

There have been thousands and thousands of movies that have been made about love.

Romance, romantic comedies, romantic fantasies, chick flicks, historical romance, tearjerkers, the list goes on and on.

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Often times (at least in the movies), it works out for the better. We’ve all seen the classic rom-com trope done a billion different times where the guy-gets-girl, guy-loses-girl and guy-gets-girl in the end.

Sometimes, however, it doesn’t work out. Sometimes the relationship doesn’t last, and every once in awhile there will be a film that comes along and depicts this, punching us right in the gut. Because, you know, love sucks.

So, yes, this Valentine’s Day you’re more than welcome to watch When Harry Met Sally… (or, if you’re anything like us, something like Deadpool) if that’s what you please. But, just for your consideration, here are ten movies that end, well, rather tragically. Movies that depict the times it doesn’t always work out — the ones that make us feel something.

Grab your tissues. Here we go.

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