Social Gravy returns with new blues-tinged rock single, "Let It Out"

Social Gravy

A couple of weeks ago, Stars and Celebs reviewed LA-based duo Social Gravy’s single, “California,” that highlights some California lovin’ with honey-toned melodies, a tribute to the sounds of such legends like The Eagles and Tom Petty.  A taste of SoCal fever, the track also pays ode to the duo’s adopted state, glossing over sun-soaked indie folk rock melodies with undeniable notes of a retro-styled classic rock flair. 

Now the rock duo is back with their latest single, “Let It Out.”  This time around the group is conjuring within their cadence a penchant for some Britpop sensibilities. 

Filled with revving guitars and fuzzed out vocals, the new single spirals in and out with reverberating guitar riffs that create a wall of sound with their reverb-filled vibes.  The combined vocal harmonies join in to create a melodic effect. 

The track brandishes a retro classic rock feel that is ill-contained with big guitars and overall a gargantuan cadence.  The song really rocks out on this classy rock anthem.

Simmering with high energy and a contagious feel, a hodge-podge of genres from classic rock to blues-hinged spiritual revival could be detected.

Social Gravy’s latest single is a soulful blues-tinged rock fest. 

Uninhibited by trends or styles, the rockers own their sound, a confection of momentous guitars oiled by sandpapery fuzzed out vocals that recall an Oasis feel that gives their music a retro oldies-inspired vibe. 

Attention grabbing with a high energy and a contagious feel, “Let It Out” is from the band’s digital “7, entitled, “Let It Out”/“California” that is currently out now.  Recorded at the infamous EastWest Studios in Hollywood, the album pays homage to West Coast-flavor tunes adding a modernized touch to vintage honeyed hook-driven melodies of the classic greats like Chicago and Creedence Clearwater Revival. 

Be sure you have a listen and get yourself a copy today!

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