RANKED: 10 classic anime shows viewers new and old should see

What really makes a good anime is the characters, universe and the good looks with the right edge. Also, just because you've watched a lot of anime doesn't mean you've watched the right anime.

classic animeWhen people usually think of anime they probably think only fringe nerdy types watch it, and therefore probably haven't really sat down to enjoy it. Anime should be talked about like how books or American comics are talked about, their wealth of tropes and variety of content has contributed to writing, comics, and movies, particularly sci-fi, a lot of anime has influenced sci-fi.

Not only that, anime definitely involves retelling while creating new ideas to keep shows fresh. This then means the old and the new should be watched, for example with One-punch man is pun after pun on classic anime tropes, or if you were to compare Naruto to DBZ, Naruto pulls the right stuff from the prior show.

This list also is important to newer viewers as it provides a must look at for anime novices. Don't know what anime to watch next? Look here and pick one.

If you think anime is fringe, take a Friday or a Saturday night, check out this list and tune in to the shows on it. You will enjoy every one of them, and they will really make your mind race as you go to the next episode.

No matter what, the must-watch is of course number one. It will cause you to get hooked and see why anime is cutting edge. In fact, watch number one first because it will really give you the context of what currently is going on in anime right now, even in Japan where they are always ahead.

But an anime doesn't have to be new to be great. That's why both old and new anime is on this list. Both have all of those traits which combine to culminate in great finished products and have good stories and great art.

Click next to check out my list of content that every anime fan has or will enjoy, with some underdogs accompanied by past and contemporary classics.

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