Olivia Henry is a modern Ella Fitzgerald on brand new single, "In My Touch"

Olivia Henry

Music has had deep reverberations in Cali songstress Olivia Henry’s life.  From training to sing Opera by day, and sneaking to L.A. clubs at night with a fake I.D. when she was young, music has always been Henry’s passion.

With her debut EP, Sessions, the Neo-jazz singer-songwriter showcases her penchant for establishing an oldies sound into a modern Alterna-pop format.  Following the release of her EP, Henry was diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease that put her career on hold.

Now the pop-jazz artist is back, stronger than ever.  Her latest single, “In My Touch,” showcases vocals that are both soulful and unique.  Soaring synths give this track an ambient and airy feel.  Henry’s singing is definitely filled with sass and attitude with the song packed with punchy touches of jazz and soul.  The track bears a sultry and sensual vibe.  Henry’s vocals are extremely soulful and unearthly with a chorus that is melody-driven and filled with a soaring, atmospheric feel.

This is tasteful music that resounds with a polished cadence.  The brand new single is marked by authenticity and is reeling with artistic merit.

This very talented songstress commandeers the mic like donning a second skin.  Henry’s vocals feel very comfortable and at ease in the spotlight.

On her comeback, Henry brings to the masses music imbued with a whole lot of sass and sensuality.

Olivia Henry remembers listening to Ella Fitzgerald, and how that voice has affected her growing up.  She always wanted to recreate a sound that would be all her own and that people could associate as her own vibe.

According to Henry, “I don’t want to be grouped in with other vocalists or current trends.  I’d like to pave my own lane.  I’d like to make people say ‘I want to sound like that!’  Like I did with Ella Fitzgerald when I was a little girl.”

“In My Touch” is the lead single to come off of Olivia Henry’s brand new album, Part 1 – Expectations slated for release Feb. 5th.


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