Mark Vickness hones deft finger-plucking guitar style on latest single, "Prince William Sound"

Mark Vickness

Mark Vickness is a gifted musician who hones his finger-plucking guitar style to a tee on such tracks like his recent release of “Prince William Sound,” an acoustic single the depicts the Alaskan wildness with majesty and aplomb. 

Growing up, Vickness was first trained on the piano at age 6, and moved on to play the guitar at the age of 12.  From then on forward, Vickness earned himself a bachelor’s and master’s degree in composition, including continuing his studies in classical piano, guitar, sitar, and tabla.  Vickness also performed as a jazz guitarist as well as composing and arranging for several film scores and performing as the instrumental half of the acoustic fusion duo, Glass House with singer David Worm. 

From West African drum and dance ensembles to Motown and funk bands to big band orchestral conducting, Vickness is a multi-instrumentalist with a grounded sensibility in multiple genres.  In addition, Vickness has performed with many renowned artists including, two time Grammy winners The Turtle Island String Quartet, Scott Amendola, Kai Eckhardt, and legendary bassist, Michael Manring.

With his latest single, “Prince William Sound,” Vickness picks up where he left off with Places, an album with each piece on the record about the places he has visited.  Vickness continues under the same trajectory with his newest single, exploring the place he has traveled to, and imbuing in his songcraft with an earnest depth and intensity that is lacking in your regular radio hits today.

The MV features Vickness performing his piece from a baritone guitar made by Michael Greenfield.  The single is textual with lush and rich undertones.  “Prince William Sound” aptly describes the beatific Alaskan landscape, a terrain occupied by glaciers and mountains to which the track is named after.  What pervades is an evocative soundscape.

In the MV you get to witness Vickness closing his eyes on more than one occasion as he numerates over the number on his guitar.  Viewers get the sense that he is immersed and thoroughly enjoying himself as he throws himself into performing the song. 

The raw instrumental single is devoid of vocals but goes on to create a mesmerizing sound with Vickness’ expertise musicianship, making the track even more surprising and startling.

Mark Vickness is an incredible talent.  He has produced a relaxing acoustic single with “Prince William Sound” marked with a mellow vibe driven by his deft finger work on the guitar.

This is a masterfully rendered song.  Vickness is a virtuoso on the guitar, showing his chops with such mainstays such as “Prince William Sound.”

The new single is from his debut solo album, Places, a record that has Acoustic Guitar Magazine calling the album “varied and virtuosic…sketching the subtle and winding pathways creativity takes on its way to fruition.”

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