Lauren Duski releases debut EP, Midwestern Girl

lauren duski
Lauren Duski

Lauren Duski released her debut EP, Midwestern GirlWednesday. In addition to never-before-heard tracks, the EP features Duski’s powerful first single, “Costume Party.”

Duski covers a lot of emotional ground on Midwestern Girl. Following the instrumental titular track, she tackles dealing with insecurity and “taking off the mask” (the aforementioned “Costume Party”), finding love (“Runnin’ (To You)” and “Heart Hurt Good”), and watching her grandpa mourn the loss of her grandma (“The Weather (Grandpa’s Song)”). Production wise, she utilizes a variety of string, percussion, and piano sounds. Vocally, she is strong, confident, and raw. 

Lyrically, Duski’s talent is that much more palpable. Her ability to tell a personal, yet relatable story is particularly noteworthy on Midwestern Girl’sfinal track, “The Weather (Grandpa’s Song).” Duski sings, “He finished all her stories/And bought her magazines/The gossip kind from the checkout line/She always loved to read” and “Telling me all about sixty-five years together/But right now/He can only talk about the weather.” 

Duski has all the hallmarks of a successful country artist; it’ll be interesting to see where she goes next musically.

Prior to releasing Midwestern Girl, Duski appeared on Season 12 of The Voice. She finished in second place on Blake Shelton’s team.

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