Karl Lagerfeld, Legendary Fashion Designer Dies at 85

karl lagerfeld
karl lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld, the globally iconic titan of fashion has passed into eternity at the age of 85. The designer for Chanel, Fendi and his own house, Lagerfeld died last night and the details of his illness are unknown.

Lagerfeld was a native of Hamburg, Germany where he was born on September 10, 1933.

The designer hadnt revealed any details of illness publicly, but industry figures widely speculated he was not well however, when he didn'tt take his usual bow at the end of the Chanel couture show last month.

There was so much concern that Chanel later released a statement explaining that Lagerfeld was too tired to attend.

Lagerfeld's entire life had been fashion. When he was only 17 years old he went to work as an assistant to French designer Pierre Balmain.

He was famously one of the hardest working men in fashion. In 1965 he began working at Fendi---remarkably, he continued as its creative director until his passing.

In 1983, he became creative director of Chanel--easily the most famous luxury fashion brand in the world-- and the following year created his own fashion house: Karl Lagerfeld, while continuing to work with both Chanel and Fendi.

He was iconic for his white pony tail and dark suits and glasses, and in 2000 he lostg 93 pounds, and writing a best-selling book about his diet.

In 2011, a white-haired cat, Choupette, was given to him by French model Baptiste Giabiconi. It is now the most famous face in the fashion world, with her own social media following, participating in some campaigns and even has her own set of personal maids.

In 2017, Lagerfeld jumped the shark with a collection called "Karl the Photographer" in which he placed self portraits of him and his cat on a range of bags and accessories.

In 2017, Lagerfeld was awarded Paris's highest honor, the La Médaille Grand Vermeil de la Ville de Paris. That year, he also designed two suites at the city's Hotel de Crillon, and in 2018, designed a "six-star" hotel in Macau in his name.

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