‘Gotham’ recap: ‘Legend of the Dark Knight: Pena Dura’


Jim and Bullock are investigating a potential lead on the seller of the RPG. They seem to be once again surrounded but a rescued by a military Delta Force led by Eduardo Dorrance. Jim and Eduardo go back to Jim’s military days. He says they are the help Gotham has been waiting for. They are able to find out that Riddler was the last person to purchase RPGs.

Bruce is concerned about Selina and tells Alfred he is going to find her. Alfred tries to tell Bruce that Jeremiah deserved to die. Bruce is afraid that Selina will go down a dark path. He finds Selina at Barbara’s club doing some partying. This isn’t going to be easy for Bruce.

Riddler is once again trying to put the pieces back together. He doesn’t make too much progress when Jim and Eduardo burst in and demand to take him in for trial. Naturally, Riddler has the place rigged with explosives which allows him to sneak off and avoid being detected as he is the most wanted man in Gotham. We are lucky that Jim is the smartest person in Gotham and is able to solve the puzzle.

Riddler doesn’t go undetected very long as he is captured by an angry family who lost their dog at the Haven attack. Riddler is able to trick the simple minded family into setting one of their own on fire and he escapes. Penguin is shocked to hear that Riddler is behind the Haven attack and is even more shocked when Riddler pays him a surprise visit. Riddler wants to know what Penguin did to him.

Jim finds out that Riddler is going to meet up with Penguin and sends Eduardo and Bullock to bring him in. Penguin has denied doing anything to Riddler and says when he found him after his stabbing, he took him to Dr. Hugo Strange to save his life. It’s obvious now that Hugo Strange is involved. They call a temporary truce and go to find Dr. Strange when Bullock and Eduardo arrive. The standoff doesn’t last long as Penguin’s men apprehend Penguin (again) while Riddler escapes (again).

Riddler goes to see Barbara and tells her the only reason he did the attack was because of what Dr. Strange did to him. Barbara seems curious and might have a lead to where Dr. Strange is. Meanwhile, Penguin is being interrogated again and as Jim tries to convince him times are changing in Gotham, Penguin says if they let him go, he will tell them where Riddler is going.   

Selina keeps drinking while Bruce continues to worry about her. Selina drops some hard truth to Bruce about the night his parents died. She was in the alley that night and didn’t do anything to help. She is trying to prove that they are nothing alike. Is it possible that Selina finally drove Bruce away? Bruce confides in Bullock and tells him that is having a hard time. Bullock tells him that help is on the way and they can work through these trying times.

We finally get to see Dr. Strange this season and Riddler arrives demanding answers. Dr. Strange says he put a chip in his brain to control him. He says someone else is pulling the strings. Dr. Strange then proceeds to put Riddler under and reset the chip in his head. A very Hannibal Lector friendly scene. Jim arrives as Dr. Strange is finishing his update. Jim is demanding to find out who. We are all shocked to find out that Eduardo is the one behind this. He has been controlling Riddler and begs Jim to put a bullet inside Riddler so he can trust him. Jim obviously refuses and is able to escape. Eduardo demands that Riddler find and kill Jim.

Penguin sneaks into some hidden basement. I wonder what this is going to lead to. We also find out that Jeremiah is alive!! I knew he wasn’t dead but it’s nice to see it be true. They wanted Bruce and Selina to believe that he was dead. Jeremiah is still planning something and it looks to be on schedule. I’m curious to see what has Jeremiah so happy. It would appear that two people have been resurrected and Jeremiah comments…”I love family reunions.” Who did this doctor resurrect for Jeremiah?


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