Ashley Wilson: San Fran singer-songwriter goes above and beyond with expressive title-track, "Paint The Sky"

Ashley Wilson

Ashley Wilson, San Francisco singer-songwriter, has long wrestled with her two life pursuits.  By day, she had a successful career working in one of Silicon Valley’s tech marketing firms for startups, while she struggled to work music into her job.  Eventually, singing won.  “I would always hear this little voice inside of me telling me to sing,” Ashley reflects.  “It eventually got too big to ignore.”

Wilson began training under producer and multi-instrumentalist Arthur Khu.  Together the two worked on the 18 original songs that Wilson produced under his tutelage.  The results are sure to impress with most of the songs showcased on the singer-songwriter’s debut album, Paint The Sky.  The debut record conjures up the sophistication of Norah Jones debut album, while gleaning towards a cool jazz blend with touches of Americana and country-folk.

The title-track to the record is a preview to the promising album already gathering praise.  “Paint The Sky” follows through with some mellow jazz undertones.  A blend of cool chill jazz with notes of Americana and country-folk, the song is soothing and smooth. A smattering of instrumentals including piano, electric guitar, bass and drums, the vocals evokes a sophisticated and elegant vibe along with an atmospheric and ambient feel.

This real cool jazz style is reminiscent of Norah Jones and Lana Del Rey.  This is a lovely and enchanting song that will be sure to entice listeners. 

On this artfully rendered title-track, Ashley Wilson elicits a real cool jazz style.  The songstress certainly goes above and beyond with this expressive song.

Dreamy washes of elegance that will provoke you to start singing along, Wilson is an artist to watch out for. 

Have a listen of the title-track today and be sure to be on the lookout for the album release slated for March 1st.

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