10 reasons why Martin Luther King Jr. would have been president

Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the greatest men in American History and it is devastating that he was murdered, in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 4, 1968. With Presidents Day on February 19 during Black History Month, it gives great interest to contemplate what could have been. Not only was he a great man, but he was influential, a great rhetorician, able to handle pressure, and was willing to die for his call to justice.

Martin Luthor King Jr. I have a dream, black, equality, president
Credit: UNKNOWN from the National Archives, Identifier (NAID) 542069

His death led to reverberations of anger amongst black Americans, which expedited an equal housing bill, but unfortunately, it was the last legislative achievement of the civil rights era, according to the History Channel.

Of course, we have progressed within the United States, but it is a far cry from what was intended to be achieved and if MLK Jr. had been around a great deal more would have been accomplished, and possibly he could have been the first black president if he were not assassinated by James Earl Ray, the alleged white supremacist. Here are 10 reasons why he would have been President.

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